Weather or not

24 03 2011

So climate change might be happening, and perhaps there’s something we can do about it, but some people don’t want any part of it and deny the lot, which strikes me as odd… what’s the worst that can happen?

I’m seeing it like this.

Say that you live out in the bush somewhere, and there’s a road leading down to your house from the top of a hill, and you’re inside, reading the paper at your kitchen table, when suddenly the kid from the next property, darts into your house, screaming for you to get out, because there’s a logging truck which seems to have lost control, hurtling towards your home.

You have two choices.

Grab something precious, and get out quick, or tell the kid he’s an idiot and just sit there.

If the truck is really coming, then you’ve been warned and you’ll survive, even if your house doesn’t, and the kid is a hero, all good.

If there’s no truck, you can give the kid a kick up the bum for crying wolf *cough*, and go back to reading the paper, although with a slightly bruised ego.

Now by my calculations, that works out as 100% possibility of survival.

If you remained inside the house and there was no out of control truck hurtling towards your home with a full load of dead trees, then you were right, the kid was an idiot and you’re fine.

But if there was a truck, you’ve found yourself in heaven for grumpy humans who won’t listen to a warning when they’re given one. *twists your ear*

A quick calculation says that being a denier gives you a 50% chance of survival.

Listening to the climate change scientists isn’t going to matter much, yeah ok, you may have to pay a bit more in tax… but you can’t spend money if the planet goes down the gurgler, make sense?





One response

24 03 2011
debbie duncan(sims)

Personally i reckon mankind is so good at destroying just about everything he gets his hands on that it can only be a matter of time before we reap what we sow…we seem to want a world where there are no trees…take the trees we reap a drought..dirty the water, eventually there will be no clean water, rape the oceans, sooner or later there will be nothing left to reap…contaminate the soil, its left to run off into the waterways and oceans…pollute the air..we will be reaping the deseases associated with that, there will be no more animals to enjoy because we seem to rather get rid of the unusual by killing, or putting it in a box so we can investigate what makes it tick…when will we really open our eyes and not allow these things to happen?? such as nuclear power…there is no need…why??

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