Wookiee Food

23 03 2011

Here’s an odd, and slightly nerdy sort of question.

But I want to pose it seriously, rather than as a joke.

What does a Wookiee eat?

I don’t think it was specified in the movies, so we can only guess, and this could be a nice exercise for our minds to think about in the wee hours.

Normally when a “new” animal is found, the teeth and other parts of the body are examined, and it’s possible to get a basic idea of what the creature ate… a good example would be dinosaurs, we have not seen living dinosaur, but their bodies can often reveal whether they ate meat or greens, or a combination of both.

Teeth not only evolved for eating, but also evolved for fighting, Tusks are a good example. and some types of monkey have very long teeth, which are for display more than anything else.

So although a Wookiee may appear to be a meat eater, perhaps they’re not.

And yes, we all saw that Holiday Special, but let’s not colour our thoughts with that too much.

So, Fingers to chins, let us speculate.





3 responses

23 03 2011

Hi Woofie,

Why the last Wookie I entertained only ate creme broulee. His fierce look and teeth are designed to scare away others who covet his creme broulee. Although he may have been the exception!

30 03 2011

I reckon your average Wookie will go for whatever is on special at the Death Star Canteen.

23 04 2011

Actually, some foods were documented in books and other stories. Kroyie, a bird hunted for meat, and Wasaka berries (made into pie!) at least. Oh and syrup from the lice that live in Wroshyr trees, often eaten on pancakes.

Wookiees are pretty obviously fire-using omnivores who cook and eat meat, vegetables, and grains.

Chewbacca has also been documented as having drunk beer.


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