Tumblr and other stuff I can’t fathom.

14 03 2011

Sometimes when I’m reading the tweets coming through on Tweetdeck, I sometimes spot one with what seems to be an interesting story, so I click on it, only to arrive at a Tumblr page, which displays exactly the same message as I saw in Tweetdeck… Only bigger and with more colours.

So then I have to click the link there if I want to continue on to read the story

What’s the point of it?

I often see these web sites when I’m using Stumbleupon, which I really like, anyone who likes finding new webpages should have it. I am often amazed when internet veterans ask me “What’s Stumbleupon”. (link below)

Anyway, I sometimes come to this particular genre of webpage with a collection of fairly base, but interesting photos, if I click a link, it almost always takes me to a secondary webpage, much like Tumblr does, but where I have the option of choosing to view the original story that I clicked to see, or two others which have nothing in common.

I don’t get it.

When I supply someone with a link, I don’t stuff them around, I give them what they wanted, I’m just completely baffled as to why these kinds of things exist.

Has it got something to do with view counting?

If so, people are not going to the secondary site because they like it, they’re going because they’ve been forced there, and that does not count for anything, you’re just pissing people off.

I just wanted to vent.

Oh, get Stumbleupon, you’ll love it.





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