Wolfie the Architect

12 03 2011

Just one of my mad ideas as I was sitting on the seat, the one which is the most efficient at giving me ideas, usually rude ones, but that’s beside the point.

Most modern homes don’t have a chimney, but we still love them, so…

What if the toilet was in the chimney, sort of?

Have a room which is large enough for the toilet, and so that you don’t feel squashed in, I have to make this perfectly clear because some will think I mean that I want to put a toilet in the fireplace, which I don’t, although I’m sure someone has done this for whatever reason.

A nice comfy room, with a bit of a window overlooking a small garden, hopefully with a water feature.

I think a toilet should face the other way so that you can look out into a garden, rather than stare at the back of a door.

Now, rather than a ceiling above you, yes, the chimney, with a glass panel right at the top to keep the rain out.

You could lean back and look at the sky if you liked.

Now I realise that most of what’s up there would be pretty dark, which is why I imagine having bits of old glass fitted in, odd things, bottles, headlights, anything recyclable and colourful so that as the sunlight filtered through during the day, you’d get all these new lovely colours up there.

I think this is a lovely idea, but it might confuse the heck out of Father Christmas.





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