Pray for Japan? Really?

11 03 2011

I’ve been watching the terror which has overtaken Japan, there’s no need to review it, as images and news comes thick and fast via old and new media.

Twitter, as usual, is first with news from people who are right there, seeing it themselves, and this news is great to have, although I feel quite frightened for them when the situation is bad.

Then you start getting the weirdos.

The doomsayers who claim that a passage in the Bible or in a book by Nostradamus predicted the disaster and that soon it will wipe out the Human race.

And the other wing-nuts who tweet suggestions that perhaps if we all pray collectively, then somehow, with divine help, something good will happen.

Now pardon me, but this God, isn’t this God the same God who created the entire Universe and Everything?

Then if so, he should have the ability to stop something like this by thinking about it, right?

These religious people see how bad things are, and it’s an absolute tragedy, and somehow must think that it’s perfectly ok for this to happen, some insurance companies would call this “An act of God”, Yet somehow praying to this being will make things all nice and rosy.


Admit it, God, if he exists, is a bit of a prick.





4 responses

12 03 2011

i know theres people banging on about redemption and the end of the world, surely they should be dedicating their time to praying to their god for the people who are suffering? it just all seems a bit picky to me

12 03 2011
Wolfie Rankin

I think my point was that if there’s a God, he probably caused this in the first place… it’s a bit like a cruel parent who beats their kids, and nobody says anything… but if they then put band-aids on the wounds they caused, they’re suddenly somehow “a loving parent”.


Have a ham sandwich, it’ll actually do something.

Want to help?

Donate to charity or fly over and become a volunteer… this will do good.


12 03 2011

No doubt about it Wolfie, if he exists he’s a the most enormous prick in the universe.

16 03 2011

If god ever existed (which i doubt) he would have thrown up his hands in disgust after the first bite of the apple. We are on our own here and we have to learn to rely on each other, nothing else is more important as far as I can see.

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