That nasty little half-truth

10 03 2011

I am a great supporter of science, always have been, I prefer the rational facts of science to the delusion of religion.

But one thing I don’t like, support, or want, in genetically modified food, whether it’s safe or not I really can’t say, but whether it is or isn’t, I don’t want it.

Now if I were to say that I don’t want sardines, everyone is fine with that, but mentioning that I don’t want GM food can, at times cause an argument.

If you like seafood, go ahead and eat it then, that’s your choice, shouldn’t I be allowed to have mine?

The only problem is that all food could be GM soon, and that choice will be taken away from me, and I’m very annoyed about that.

Will I have the ability to go shopping and come out with food which hasn’t been tweaked in a lab?

If not, tell me why that is not unfair.

Now there’s this nasty little half-truth which is thrown about by supporters, and that is “Oh don’t worry, we’ve been modifying genes for centuries”.

Well yes we have, I quite agree, but….

While we have been mating various types of cattle to say, produce a Holstein, which occurs nowhere in the wild, or to produce beautiful sculptured Arabian horses, what we have not been doing for centuries is to take genes from a fungus, for instance, to make mice glow in the dark, or to take a gene which produces insecticide and make cotton, which kills vermin on its own.

We have not done this until last century, all this science is brand spanking new, and I think that telling the public that gene modification includes what we know as breeding, is a bit of a porky, and scientists really ought to know better.





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