Mobile phone radiation shield.

4 03 2011

Just as we’ve seen Power Balance exposed as a fraud, along comes radiation shields for mobile phones.

This looks incredibly dodgy to me and I will explain why.

Now most of us are a bit worried about radiation, it’s a scary word, and certainly the idea of holding a phone to our head which is emitting radio frequency (radiation) is worrying, but a radiation shield won’t help, and here’s why.

Firstly, let’s look at what radiation is, it can take multiple forms.

It can be light, heat and radio waves.

If the sun went out tomorrow, we’d all die very quickly, the radiation it produces keeps the earth filled with light and warmth.

And radio waves are everywhere, the air is soaking in them, if not from radio and tv stations, or police, ambulance and planes, the universe is also producing radio waves, and so does our planet.

So let’s say that we had a torch with us, we can use a torch to shine at something in the dark so that we can see it, let’s also suppose that there was an idea that light might be dangerous in some way, so what is offered is a black patch to put over the front of your torch.

So you’re safe from any supposed effects that light may have on you but…
you can’t see anything because the end of your torch is covered up.

So with that in mind, suppose your phone was a light globe, and the light has to reach all the way to a mobile tower… if the light doesn’t reach the tower, then your phone won’t work… do you follow me?

So they come out with an anti-light patch for your light globe, it’s a little black sticker, and the instructions say, “apply to the back of the bulb” and so you do this, and perhaps it stops some light getting on your hand, but not where you’re pressing the bulb to your head, wouldn’t it be more sensible to stick it on the front?

So the only solution would be to completely cover your bulb with stickers, making the bulb completely safe, the only trouble is, it doesn’t work, no light is getting out which has to happen if you want to communicate, you may as well have not turned it on at all, surely that would’ve been cheaper than buying expensive bits of suspect plastic?

These items do not work, the companies who produce these things are only trying to con people who don’t fully understand how technology works, baffling them with strange claims and bizarre jargon which doesn’t mean anything to anyone who really does understand the technology.

Quantum science is a good one, you can bet that any snake oil merchant is going to add something about quantum science to their bogus claims, just as in years gone by the same frauds did with electricity, or magnetism and even radiation.

A Faraday Cage is a device which would stop radio waves getting out, but simply not turning it on would be easier, if you do want your phone to work, then that radio frequency (radiation) needs to get out.

The Victorian Skeptics had this to say, via e-mail.


The physicist / inventor on Vic Skeptics Committee has this comment to make:

– – – – – – – – –

Re mobile phone shields:

They are an ingenius device for extracting money from gullible people
(aka “suckers”) who are unable to discern humbug from science.

They work by engendering fear of “radiation” and providing a fake
“shield” to protect the user, thus reducing the user’s anxiety.

The user is given an explanation which has an air of verisimilitude
but is actually just scientific gobbledegook.

Unfortunately for the user, the reduction in anxiety is illusory, and
the user is primed for the next scam, which will usually have the
same modus operandi; Find a fake problem with alleged serious
consequences, offer a solution (which necessitates transfering
a substantial sum of money)

– – – – – – – –

hope this helps,

Ken Greatorex




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