Fuji Finepix Real 3D

21 02 2011

Fuji Finepix Real 3D

I’ve been wanting a digital version of my much-loved film 3D camera for ages.

For those who don’t know, I’m not new to 3D. I’ve used an old, and rather weighty, 3D camera, which used 35mm slide film.

The Camera was a reconditioned Realist, from the 50’s, which I bought from a bloke whose hobby and business was to find old 3D cameras, repair and sell them to enthusiasts… The camera cost a little over $200, but was a great investment.

With that, I soon learnt that 3D was much more than a mere gimmick, I soon had absolutely beautiful photos of my family.

Yet, it was a bit of a pain, because I had to have film developed, and then cut it myself to add into special 3D slide mounts, two slides side by side, one for each eye.

This was tricky and took a while to do, it was also easy to ruin a particularly good photo while cutting up the slide reel.

Fuji offers this tantalising little camera, which I’ve been sorely tempted to run out and buy… but I have just read a review which mentioned that although the 3D is fairly good, the image quality of it’s photos is less than impressive… if I’m going to spend a lot of money on a new camera, then picture quality is a big concern.

There’s a bit of “I really really want this” mixed in with “but but but” which is rather depressing.

Now why I’m writing, I would like to dream a bit, and tell you what I think a perfect pocket camera should have.

Firstly, if you have a big screen on the back, why not have a camera which is both camera and PDA?

Because I think the time of having fixed, and limiting, built-in programs is over.

If the camera had wi-fi, and we could download new apps similar to Pano, Autostitch or the very popular Histamatic, well, wouldn’t that be cool?

The option of downloading camera apps would be very appealing to the buyer, many who are already used to downloading new apps to their phones.

I think all cameras should have wi-fi capability as standard, the ability to send your photos directly to anyone in the world, or upload them to Flickr or Facebook would be great.

What about a 3D photo site similar to Flickr, where photos can be browsed and enjoyed by everyone, directly on the back of the camera.

As soon as a proper 3D pocket camera comes out which presses all my buttons, trust me, I’ll be shelling out for it… and I hope it’s soon.


Review by Gadgetguy



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