My little water problem

15 02 2011

I’m a disability pensioner who could get a discount on my water bill, except it’s not a normal utility like electricity, the phone or the internet, oh no, water is “special”, in that rather non-pc way.

Let me explain my circumstance.

I live in a house which was built for the family not long after 1900, My Grand Mother and Grand Father, who I never knew, lived here. My Mother was born in this house in 1924 and died here in 2006.

It has been the only home I have ever known.

Guess who the water bill comes to?

Yes, My Grand Mother, who passed away in the 60s because the Estate is still in her name.

And since I cannot find the title of the house, and there was no will, and nobody knows if the house is actually, legally mine or not, The very special water bill still comes addressed to a Woman who died in the 60’s and thus has no more dealings with the place.

Why can’t MY name be on the bill, cripes, I have been paying the bill now since 2006,
Me, not my dear departed Grand Mother.

Is it just me, or is this just a little bit bullshit?






One response

15 02 2011

say wat?!?
You don’t know whether the house is legally yours or not? In whose name is the rates notice from the council addressed to?
My legal knowledge is 0%, but if this was me, I’d be sticking my head in the sand and not wanting to open up a legal hornet’s nest 🙂 If your grandmother died without a will, then I guess the State Trustee took over the estate? Or not?
Srsly, I would definitely be heading off to Citizens Advice for some free legal advice before contacting anyone else 🙂 I don’t think it’s too difficult to find out whose name is on the title, think the expensive part is getting an actual copy of the title…

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