7 02 2011

Last night, My Facebook beeped at me, indicating someone wanted a chat, alas I was just about to serve my sunday tea, so was in a bit of a rush, but you know me, I like a chat, so, I answered.

It was Boy George, or at least someone claiming to be him.

So I say, Hi George, Look, I’m just about to serve my tea, and I’d really love to chat but…

He was quite insistent and asked me to stay with him, which I kind of did, it’s funny to think that if Thomas Dolby, Freddy Mercury or The Queen phoned me, that I’d put them on hold, I asked George if he could contact me later, but apparently he had to go to work and write some music or clean the shower, still in his 80’s garb… I don’t know.

Yes I know Freddy is dead, a lot of my music heroes are, it happens when you get to my age, sometimes I think that singers are the embodiment of youth and must fall off the perch before they’re forty, Logan’s Run comes to mind, look it up if you don’t know what I’m on about.

A sixty year old Michael Jackson just wouldn’t have worked, I often feel the same about myself, and I’ve never been certain that perhaps I was supposed to fall off my perch at 39, as nature seemed to have intended… except I fought back, and won… I think.

I was doing a music quiz show on Second Life, and would write all my own questions. I have a lot of 80’s music trivia in my head, but would supplement my knowledge with Wikipedia, which I know isn’t always right, but would usually be used to confirm something I was a bit vague about… and it would bring me down, a lot of the Musos I really liked died, usually of AIDS, some of an overdose, Falco of “Rock me Amadeus” died in a car crash.

So The veggies weren’t cooked yet, so I continued the chat, I really wasn’t sure what to talk about, So I asked George if he had Dogs, He said he has two, A Bulldog and a Mastiff, I didn’t imagine George to be the doggie sort, but apparently (possibly) he is, He was quite interested in Katie, Who you might know is my own dear Malamute.

When I type, it’s with two fingers, and I look at the keyboard when I do it, glancing at the screen, usually after I hit return, which is a bad habit.

I told him about the lovely little french bulldog I saw wanking with his owner…

I almost died.

I have often almost typed “I’m going to wank the dog” so many times, but caught it before I’d hit the return button, this time I blew it… or perhaps I shouldn’t use that word at the moment.

Had I been a politician, My gaffe would have made news worldwide.

I hastily corrected myself, and the conversation went on, but George had to go, and I had food, so we parted ways.

I know that the guy was most likely fake, but the funny thing was that it left me feeling lovely all evening, I love my 80’s music, and to have potentially talked to a hero of the day, in such an awkward way, really appealed to my odd sense of humour, I may talk to him again, and if it happens, I don’t particularly care if he’s real or not, it was funny, weird, and was most therapeutic.

So thanks George, or whoever you are, I loved it.

And when I got into bed later, I remembered a fantasy I had about another band.

My first pop favourites were Abba, I had just got over kids records, and they were the first adult band which I went mad for, although I was very much aware of music, even in my youngest days. I knew who the Beatles were, The Carpenters, Sony and Cher, The Jacksons. I could identify them when they were on the radio and their songs when all my friends were still singing kindergarten stuff.

I had this fantasy, that one night, Abba would be driving past in their big car, which would break down in front of our place, and they’d have no alternative but to knock on our door, and ask for help.

Of course I would invite them in, and they’d all lay out their sleeping bags on my floor, Mum and Dad would have been happy with the arrangement and we’d all sleep or sing or tell jokes, anything but sleep.

Then later, Bjorn, Benny, Anna and Frida would all be snoring on the floor of my bedroom, while I was in bed!

I’m sure that most kids have had dreams of their pop idol sleeping over night at their place, the names would be different, but the feeling would be just the same, Of course some would want to do more than sleep… but for me, at my very young age, about ten I think, Sex simply didn’t come into it.

My feelings towards you who have provided the soundtrack of my life, whether you were around for years, or a one hit wonder who vanished back into the ether, Thankyou very much.





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