My brilliant plan to raise lots of money for charity.

4 02 2011

There’s a movie about a man who works for a bank, the income this fellow receives is barely enough to live on, and he struggles along until it suddenly dawns on him that if he diverts all the points of a cent which flows through the banking system, to his account, it may earn him a little extra… and who’d notice?

Except the plan backfires when he discovers that there is suddenly a heck of a lot of money in his account.

In real life, tiny payments, often called “micro payments” can be really useful, they’re often used in game worlds like World of Warcraft and Second life, where virtual goods can be bought for a very small amount. and Apple have taken advantage of the idea for their App store.

Surely this could also be used for charity.

Now, most of us like the idea of being charitable, but the mechanics behind raising that money can be a real pain.

I’ve had people phone me and ask me to sell raffle tickets for them, and quite honestly, I doubt I’d find enough people to sell the tickets to, and I’m almost certain that I’d forget to return the stubs, or whatever you do later.
I have usually told people that if someone comes to my door, I’ll buy a ticket, but I’m not interested in selling them.

And when I get charity stuff in my letterbox, I am often annoyed to see a set of boxes beginning at $100 and going down in size until we get to “other” Where you can write in your pathetically small gift. I don’t know about you but I find this insulting, I’d like to give, but I simply can’t afford that much, and the charity gets nothing.

So here’s my very simple fund raising idea.

When you log in to your telcos website, you would be presented with an “opt in” charity page, where you are told that if you opt in… by simply hitting the “opt in” button, Then you will be asked to pay five cents *extra* each time you pay your phonebill, The Telco collects all the five cent donations and puts it toward their in-house fund raiser.

The “opt in” page could also have a range of selectable charities… find the one you like, hit the button for that charity and there you go.

You would not have options to pay more, just five cents would be accepted per month, with gratitude, from everyone who opted in. Five cents, Each Month, Paid Automatically until you decide to Opt Out or you cancel your account with the telco, Who’d miss it?

Think about it.


Note: In the original story, I made an error which could have been read as the Telco footing the bill, no, this is wrong, The user, You, would pay 5c extra on each bill.




2 responses

4 02 2011
Lis Petersen

Great idea Wolfie!! Especially in times when we’re still getting slugged the ’rounded up or down’ amount on prices advertised in no longer circulating currency: do we notice this or complain? No!

Go for it – market your idea and I’d be happy to ‘opt in’.



4 02 2011
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