iPocalypso – It’s a very special day!

1 02 2011

You may have heard people talk about the ipocalypse, and maybe you’re fretting about it, well… I’m going to try and explain it in laymans terms.

Basically the internet is full, or kind of…

When you connect to the internet, your router shakes hands with the internet using an IP address, which looks something like this

It’s not usually all that visible unless you dig for it, but it’s there.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that when the internet was put together, it was calculated that about four billion IP addresses should be enough, afterall, computers would be quite expensive and it’s unlikely that there’d be many of them out there.

Roll on to 2011 and almost everyone owns a computer… this is a problem.

The IP addresses are running out.

Now I don’t want to shock you… ok, yes I do…. This isn’t going to happen years from now, or months… It will happen in hours from now, Seriously… In fact, here’s a handy-dandy widget to look at, just look at those numbers go!

Yes, that’s all the IPs that are left on the entire planet, Yesterday it was showing eight million, as I look at it now, it’s just above four million.

When it gets to “0” we’ll be in a right old pickle, as the internet will begin to slow down and generally not work properly, and eventually it will do a big fart, fall off it’s perch and die.

It will be a dead parrot.

Well, sort of.

You see, The Elders of the Internet could see this coming, and sat at their round table and thrashed out an idea, a brand new IP system… Basically the one we use now is called IPv4, The new one is called IPv6 (Wonder what happened to version 5?).

So they told everyone that if we start using IPv6, there will be trillions of new IPs available, and the internet won’t beach itself like a giant fail-whale.

Everyone thought that was a good idea and went for it.

BUT, Much like the change from analogue to digital TV, there will be things to check.

You need to see if your router handles IPv6, if it does, lovely… If not, then you may need to buy a brand new one, be aware that the internet will only slowly get worse, you may not notice any big hiccups for a few months, but a few months is all you have, so you must get an IPv6 router sometime soon if you need to.

You need to check if your ISP handles IPv6, not all of them do, but our Internode certainly does.

Then you need to phone your ISP and have them change you over to IPv6.

Do be aware that all recent internet connections will most likely be on IPv6 already, or should be, check!

Lastly, you should listen to Mark Newton from Internode, He was being interviewed by Carol Duncan at ABC Newcastle just yesterday about this issue, and will go into much more detail than I have here.





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1 02 2011

Just my little addon to your lovely post.

IANA running out of addresses Yes is a big issue However we are more screwed when the local RIR’s start running out (http://www.iana.org/numbers/). For Example once APNIC runs out there will be no more addresses for Australia. Slow down won’t actually happen until the big providers start running out of address space they have already purchased. We still have at least 6 months for that. There is also ipv4/6 tunnels so you can access the ipv4 internet from an IPv6 connection. That is where big slowdowns will occur. What is needed is proper dual stack so all devices have both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address until IPv4 is slowly phased out.

The biggest issue is how much buying new IPV4 costs. The price has been going up because they want to hold onto what’s there. It used to be far cheaper now to get more addresses you have to justify each one and pay out the nose for it.

As for hardware that supports IPv6 your home little modem/router, except for custom firmware there are no home devices that support ipv6. There are a lot that claim IPv6 compatible but its ipv6 pass-though (proto 41). You need a machine inside your network that understands and routes IPv6 such as a desktop machine running windows/linux routing software or a high end router device like a cisco one.

IPv4 is at its 3rd time of running out. When it happened the 1st time they created subnetting. The 2nd time dynamic nat came about (using lan addresses such as or inside your network and having 1 address on the outside). Now its the big run-out where the only solution is to move to IPv6. Its confusing at 1st but IPv6 is very very extensive. For personal use for example you can have more addresses allocated to yourself then exists on the entire ipv4 internet.
I personally have a /48 so I can allocate IPv6 out to other’s.

As for what happened to ipv5:
It sucked 6 is far better.

Anyway very nice post. Keep blogging.

1 02 2011
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1 02 2011

Gday .. I wouldnt worry to much .. they closed down Egypt that will give back over 3 Billion IP addresses. Problem solved.

1 02 2011

@Peter that many?

1 02 2011

(Wonder what happened to version 5?).
maybe because it is not divisible by 2, just a thought.

1 02 2011
Wolfie Rankin

Coralie, Shivalwolf says 5 was craptastic, so they dropped it, and Peter is a friend who has a very dry humour 🙂

4 02 2011

Well today ipv4 is empty.

Also http://isoc.org/wp/worldipv6day/
Yay for IPv6

Just wanted to follow up here since Because my twitter is private you wouldn’t see the ipv6day post there. Assuming you haven’t seen it already anyway.

4 02 2011
Wolfie Rankin

I might be from “the government” you know, don’t think that just because you’re “sane” that we’re not really watching you. 😉

4 02 2011

If the government was watching me I would already be in alot of trouble.

4 02 2011
Wolfie Rankin

*looks at the list, the very very long list* Yes, you are!

4 02 2011

You are amusing and make me giggle and that’s why i follow you.

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