Mary Poppins

13 01 2011

One day, I was asked by a friend if I wanted to go to the cinema and see a film, I agreed and when saturday rolled around, we met at Flinders Street as we usually did.

Then we did our usual shopping which involved chocolates at Darrell Lea, Books at Myer, Virgin Records and Sci-fi items at Minotaur.

We arrived at Greater Union, which had just opened it’s doors for that morning, and bought our tickets.

My friend went off to the toilet and I waited in the foyer, which was filling up with people.

Then a boy with downs syndrome appeared right in front of me, and he grinned one of those broad smiles that they do, he looked about my age, or younger, and then he said “We’re going to see Mary Poppins!” and I could tell that he was really excited about that, yet it was odd… He was about our age, and had he been, normal, then he probably would have wanted to see the same film that we were about to see.

I was about to say “Why, it’s been on TV a few times” but I just couldn’t, He was happy, so I think I replied with “That’s a good movie” and I think he said “Yeah”. Then he asked me what I was going to see, and I told him, He didn’t ask me what it was about, and I didn’t see much point in explaining the complexities.

Then someone else, a parent or helper, hustled him gently away… I think there might have been other kids like him, but my memory is vague.

My friend returned and we went to get our seats.

Now if He had been “normal” like us, then he probably would have wanted to see what we were going to see,
But here’s the strangest thing, although I remember this incident and the film he was going to see…

… I have no memory of what we saw that day.

Perhaps I would have been just as happy with Mary Poppins too.





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