The Wolfie Sandwich Maker

3 01 2011

I’ve been after a sandwich maker, but I can never find one to suit my needs, Now I have my own ideas about what would make a good sandwich maker, I’ve mentioned these ideas to others, and they seem to think they sound reasonable… so here they are.

Firstly, get rid of that diagonal slice “scissor action” thing, it’s one of those things that sound nice in the ads, but in practice is a pain. Anyone who’s tried to use something a bit runny like egg or baked beans will know that the scissor edge creates a little hill, and makes runny stuff run out of the sandwich, it just makes a mess.

There is a Sunbean unit out there which doesn’t have this, I had one, it worked really well this sandwich maker had two concave spaces for the bread, so the bread would create a sort of bowl, which held everything together, practical, useful and not nearly as messy.

Secondly, It must have plates in which pop out and can be put in the sink.
How can you possibly have an item which gets so gooey and yet be so difficult to wash?
Have you seen the label on the sandwich makers? “Do not immerse in water” *groan*
OK fine, I understand this, it’s an electrical appliance, but AT LEAST allow us to immerse SOME of it.

Thirdly, and this is a big one, no teflon (or any other non-stick nonsense) ever since they started using this horror, our kitchenware wears out… Our grannies had pots and pans for well over fifty years, why? Because they had no teflon to go bad, flake off and ruin their stuff.

I have two sandwich makers in my home right now which I won’t use (even though they still work) because I am concerned that the flaking teflon is a heath risk. I am completely against “the black plague of the kitchen” and would far rather give my pots and pans a good hard scrub and still have them in good condition years from now, just like in Grans day.

Can someone please guide me to a sandwich maker with these options?





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