A Comment left at Pharyngula after reading harsh statements about Facebook.

3 01 2011

Posted by: Wolfie_Rankin Author Profile Page | January 3, 2011 5:55 AM

May I just point something else out that I noticed, There’s a lot of Netcism around (I just made up that word) People have their little bits of the internet which they and a group of friends will defend until death, while at the same time spitting on the other groups bit of it, why?

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with Facebook, not in the slightest.

I use practically everything online that I can get my hands on, and find that most of it is really useful in different ways.

But others “No, way, that’s for nerds”, “That’s for morons”… this attitude hurts nobody but YOU!

A while ago, I decided to do the “cool” thing and remove myself from Facebook, it was crap, it seemed everyone wanted to send me invitations to games which I didn’t want, or virtual gifts which I didn’t want either.

What I did though, was put a notice on my page that starting immediately, I will not be accepting any more games/gifts… and guess what? I now have a perfectly respectable page where I can post the kinds of links that are of interest to me, in a rapid fire way, that I can’t do on my blog.

Dare I say, I’m even enjoying the experience now.

Man, linking up is what it’s all about… but if you’re there and you’re saying “I’m only using this one thing, cause everything else sucks” then nobody will care, I’ll be using it, and a lot of others will too.

Why does Facebook get blamed for so much? Did Facebook force some girl to upload rude photos of herself?

If you did this stuff over the telephone service, do you blame you or the telephone?

“It’s the Telephones fault *cries* It made me have sex with Brian!” Next, on A Current Affair.


Give a moron a typewriter and they’re still going to write crap, aren’t they?

Anyway, look up “Wolfie Science” on Facebook and see what you think.

I’ve been a member of the ABC Science Matters forum since the early 90’s, but we’re running low on posts and members now… but guess where all the old names are popping up.

Please Please forget the crap about Facebook or whatever being crap, damnit we’re wealthy western bastards with an internet connection, half the world doesn’t even have that, and you don’t like you own opportunities?? there’s no pleasing some people, seriously!





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