Just a little post about Christmas

17 12 2010

Despite being a Hitler worshiping, Baby eating Atheist, I still like Christmas.

It’s not the same as it used to be, a real family occasion, with Mum and Dad and a quick visit from Jan, We’d exchange gifts and then fill the day with some other activity, which could have been going to my sisters for Christmas dinner… which usually featured a roast, It’s summer here in Australia so there was usually pork in the Webber outside.

I caught myself typing “Porn” just then, probably out of habit.

But there were “Family issues” so we started going to the local pub, and that was fine, there was just the three of us and we didn’t want much.

Then Dad passed away, and left just Mum, Benny and I. Benny was our loveable Malamute.

My Cousin asked us if we’d like to spend the day with them, and we accepted, and that is still the current state of play despite My Mother having died a few years back.

I love my Cousin, but I do feel a huge fish out of water there, they’re all madly into Football, and despite it being the middle of Summer, the talk is always about Footscray. Last year Yvonne got a large, framed photo of someone which looked like it had been photoshopped to look like an oil painting, I have no idea who it was.

If anything is knitted, you can bet it’ll come in three colours, yes THOSE colours.

I never liked Footy, It always seemed to me that it was about a bunch of Men trying really hard to prove that they were Heterosexual, possibly too hard.

This year, for the very first time, I have a mobile phone which I can tweet on, so yes, you can bet that there will be tweets and photos from there.

I do feel a bit sad when I’m there though, Katie is at home and misses me, and I’ll miss her… I always hated being away from my dogs. My parents used to take me on a lot of interstate trips, which I loved, but I hated leaving my animals behind.

It’s the 17th of December, and I have not sent a single card away, I had intended to, but I feel it’s too late for my Overseas friends, anyway.

Years ago I had a bit more Money to play with, and I loved buying Aussie things and sending them to my friends, I loved having the opportunity to be generous. but things changed.

After Mum died, every cent went on food and bills and things, when Before, Mum took care of most of it, She insisted. So I’d pay the Phone and Internet bills, and any Vet bills, while She bought the food and payed for the rest.

I had assumed that at some point, I would have had a job and not been in such a hole, perhaps I could have sent Mum a share of what I bought in, but it didn’t work out that way.

This year I have decided to be less generous, and focus on what I need. Some things around the house need fixing, My Bathroom is a shocker, My Bed is being held up by phonebooks, and I need lots of new clothes.

So I intend to send people cards, I think I have left it too late though.

Christmas is not what it used to be, I was thinking of giving it a miss this year, but I still put the tree up for Katie and I.

Compared with others, I have a bed and a roof over my head, it’s not perfect, but it’s mine.





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