Stuff I don’t care if I ever see on the internet ever EVER again!

27 10 2010

Firstly, I have nothing against internet memes, but I have a feeling that some people are stuck on these subjects like dead flies on flypaper, Pages and pages of the following are regurgitated and re-regurgitated over and over. and if you’ve got stumbleupon you already know what I mean.

I crave originality, and sorry if you disagree, but I feel that everything listed below needs to just curl up and die.

Ninjas – including the turtley kind, sorry guys, I always thought you were awesome, I even named a cat of mine after Splinter, which might seem strange, but that’s what happened.

Zombies – Damnit, no more f*cking zombies, I don’t care what you’ve got, I don’t want it. I don’t care if it’s a new movie or photos of people getting together for a flaming zombie march, boring, forget it.

Lego – Castles made of lego, lavatories, animals, spaceships… lego made of other lego, whatever, I hate f*cking lego.

Star Wars – I don’t care if I ever see another Darth Vader or Storm trooper ever again, even though I was a fan of the movies, I’m completely, completely over it. Except for Chewie, Chewie is cool.

Cupcakes – So you’ve made something in the shape of a cupcake, delightful, do me a favour and shove it up your rectum.

Bacon – Yes it’s true, I don’t like bacon, nor do I need anything shaped, smelling or tasting like it.

Batman – Good F*cking grief, get over it.
and you can take a running jump too Spiderman.

Kitties? No I like kitties, I love animals in general, provided they’re not made of lego, bacon or look anything like a bloody cupcake.

What about you, you’ve been using stumbleupon late at night (or early in the morning if you’re anything like me) and you frown as you think “Not that again!”… and hit the stumble button again, it gets things right sometimes.




One response

30 10 2010

Hilarious!! Love it! 🙂 you forgot the twilight f*** tards and Justin Beiber the lesbian 🙂

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