A Plan for World Peace

14 09 2010

Last night I was chatting to a couple of friends on Secondlife, One being an American who worked for an Aerospace company, and he was telling us how on one particular and rather boring day in the boardroom, and with no ideas floating around, he decided to float something else, jacked himself up slightly on one bum-cheek and blew a lengthy fart under the table.

It bobbed away under the table, skillfully making it’s way to the other side, where it rose…

Apparently the facial expressions on those unfortunates sitting on that side of the table were to the delight of the owner as they covered their faces, scrunched their noses and fell over backwards.

But Men being Men and not ready to run like cowards, one on the other side retaliated with a low rumbling bass which stank enough to make a skunk proud and probably killed all the cockroaches in the room.

With a deeply satisfied look, he said “I’ve been hanging onto that one for over an hour”.

And now with a battle in full swing, others joined in, filling the air with as much noxious fumery as possible.

At this point, the doors opened and in comes the fellow in charge of maintaining cups of tea and coffee, he takes one sniff, freezes and says “What the hell have you guys been doing??”.

Needless to say, it must’ve been his shortest visit to that room ever.

Although the room stank to high heaven, those in their room were happy with their achievement and that’s about where the story ended.

Then it occurred to me that if there’s ever another meeting of heads of state, for whatever reason, maybe, just maybe, a good farting contest is what’s needed.

Feed all the dignitaries up on spicy Mexican food, Indian and whatever makes peoples bowels fill with gas, then wait an hour or so and send them to their seats.

Eventually the Indian will have to let rip, that will be followed up by a cheeky fbbbtt from Iran, Germany will issue a statement, and then England will follow. The US will add their two cents and so on and so forth… the doors and windows will eventually need to be opened but you would hear chuckling and a smile will be on everyone’s faces.

They will agree with each others ideas, handshakes will follow, papers will be cheerily signed and they’ll all leave feeling as though they’ve achieved something.

A fart, like music, is international, everyone likes a good fart.

It could save the World.





One response

19 09 2010

EWW! Yet, this made me LOL. Fart humour never gets old.

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