The Meeting

7 09 2010

I find myself in a large room, which could be a school hall, it’s well lit, I’m sitting on the left (if you were on the stage looking at us) in the front row and it looks like there’s about five hundred people seated behind me,

The stage is about two meters off the ground, and looks very basic, it’s probably made of polished pine.

There’s a group of people up there, maybe thirty, they’re huddled together as though they’re having a very informal group photo taken.

The Guy at the back of this group is Cramer from Seinfeld, and the one in the middle is Steve Jobs who is hosting this get together.

It’s certainly nothing like we’d usually expect, it’s very laid back, there’s no video screens or products, it could just be a meeting at a computer club.

Then Cramer yells out “Has anyone heard that joke about the Chicken?” I seem to remember hearing that joke and recall that it was very “off colour”.

There’s mumbling in the audience and some people appear to be really offended, there’s a lot of frowning and shuffling, and then some people begin to get up and leave.

Steve is really annoyed, and marches off the stage into a room on the right.

I feel annoyed at the people leaving, so I start yelling at them about being so prudish and to at least sit down and hear what Steve has to say, but the buggers walk off anyway.

About half the audience remain seated.

I can see Steve walking around in the room near the stage, so I get up and walk over, I ask him if he’s ok, He yells back at me, but unfortunately I forget what he said.

I walk back to my seat and talk to @GumbyRoffo and he asks me if I was the one who asked the audience about the joke, and I say “No, it was Cramer, I was in the audience” and he says “It sounded like something you’d do”.

Then Steve walks out, carrying a beige plastic pointer, and he looks at me with a bit of a smile and gives me a light but firm crack over the head with it, he hits Gumby too.

The End.





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