On Stopping CancerI

31 08 2010

Cancer has affected my family, My Parents, My Pets and Myself.

At the moment My Sister is in hospital suffering from it’s cruelty.

Although we have treatments now, which have saved a lot of lives, including mine, there’s no silver bullet…
but at some point, science will have a cure, I’m quite confident of that.

While trillions of dollars are spent on terrorism, not enough is spent on cancer, and which of the two do you feel kills and maims more of us each day?

There are very bright scientists out there who are keen to knock cancer on it’s head for all time, but the rest of us want to help too, and the best way that we can do something tangible is to raise money, so that our scientists can get what they need to get their work done as quickly as possible.

Winning this fight means that we don’t have to see our family, friends, pets or ourselves suffering from this all too common disease.

I’d like to see a fun new charity form, and here’s how it works.

A lot of people, when they recieve letters from charities, read the letter and find there’s a series of boxes at the bottom.

What are you donating $20, $50, $100 or “Other”.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m not a wealthy person myself and simply don’t have that kind of money to give to anyone, despite the fact that I would help if I could. In general, a letter of this type ends up in my recycle bin, and I’m left feeling like a nasty person for doing nothing.

I bet this happens to others too.

So what I’m proposing is a Ten Cents Day, and here’s how it works.

We setup a collection station somewhere, and we have signs out explaining to people that we’re collecting for cancer research and that all we want is ten cents, we don’t hassle them for extras, if they give more, that’s cool, but the idea is that while people most likely would not donate $20 and upwards, practically everyone would be happy to drop ten cents into a tin.

I think Kids might really go for it too.

I’m not sure how we could go about setting something like this up, it’s certainly something I’ve had no experience with, but it’s a fun idea that might just work.

What do you think?




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