Speed Test

28 08 2010

There’s still some debate over the speed of broadband, if we actually need the extra speed or not, so I’d like to show you a real life demo.

Firstly, I’d like you to right click this link and choose “Open in another tab” or “Open in another window”.

A video from YouTube will open, called “Step out of the Shade” which I made myself in a video editing program called “Sony Vegas”.

The Video was then rendered (saved) as an mpg-2 file, which came to about 1GB in size.

You’ll note that it’s 720p HD, and that it runs for 6 minutes and 43 Seconds (6.43).

My broadband speed is 1500/256, That is, 1500kb for downloading and 256kb for uploading.

Now guess how long the video took to upload to YouTube.

Eight Hours!

That’s right, it took Eight solid hours, during which, the computer was eating up power and couldn’t do much else, apart from some light work such as e-mail and twitter.

And since the main computer on my network was stuck doing this huge job, it meant that anything on wi-fi in my house was naturally going to have problems too.

OK, this video was just done for a bit of fun, it’s me flexing my video editing skills, but what if I was a reporter and I had just filmed some breaking news for my TV network, and was stuck with the same speed… clearly it’s not good enough.

If we’d had the NBN up and running, then I doubt that my upload would have taken much more than just a few seconds.


* Yes I do use wi-fi, I find it’s great for doing fairly lightweight work, however, wi-fi is slower than a wired connection, uploading this video to YouTube on a wi-fi connection would’ve taken a lot longer, and eight hours is a lot as it is.

* This would have been a major concern to people who were making a collaborative film which needed to be uploaded in HD from different points around the world. One short video was enough for me, but what if I had to upload over an hours worth of edited video?




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