Missionary man

10 08 2010

I’m feeling downright pissed off over the twitter messages and deleted (sort of) webpage by Wendy Francis, Her rampant homophobia is clearly evident, even if she denies it.

but to then have Gary Burns from One Nation chime in and say that he appreciated Wendys tweet and then to add that he likes to bash “phoofters” is just horrific.

A type of personality exists, where if a person carries a holy book and they believe in invisible fairy people in the sky, then somehow they may have an inflated view of their own morals. They feel perfectly happy to tell us what we ought to do, many of them are in favour of filtering our internet so that we can’t see pictures of people making love, in our own homes… which to me is far more natural than praying to unlikely gods in the sky.

But how can the self-righteous nits think that their moral codes are so much better than our own, when ours don’t include a fear of sexuality or race?

These people are happy to spread all kinds of nasty lies, fear and guilt, and embed cruel and frightening notions of hell into our kids heads. while discouraging proven ideas such as the age of the earth and that dinosaurs actually lived.

They’re holding our kids at ransom, fervently serving Jesus on a plate when Evolution is swept under the carpet, why is Religion taught at schools when physics and biology is not taught at Church?

They’ve managed through their fear mongering to hold back science and medicine, such as stem-cell technology which could have already freed us from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

I thought Christians were supposed to “Love thy neighbour”

Via their religious views they seem to feel it’s ok to go and slander people with differing sexual orientations, to bother people who have done nothing wrong other than be born in a different country, or declare a “just war” because they have their God on their side.

These people with their mad ideas also seem, despite their holy books telling them to live in peace, the very ones most likely to wish to bare arms… why is it that the religious nutters are almost always gun enthusiasts too?

These people with their God, their Holy book, their Guns and a bizarre national pride make very dangerous human beings.

While they are keen to tell us that Gay Marriage will damage society completely, I urge you to look closely at what these people have done, and will continue to do.

Their hatred causes shame, and that shame causes some gentler members of our community to fall into depression and commit suicide and I don’t think that has done much good for society at all… just think, some of the brightest people in our community, who had the potential to save us from ourselves, thrown on the scrapheap because someone couldn’t deal with where they wanted to put their penis.

Although we tolerate them, as indeed we must, at times it is extremely difficult when faced with the dreadful utterances and backward ideals that they harbour.

They will tell us that we haven’t moved forward, and yet we have… nobody puts boxing gloves on their teenage sons to prevent masturbation in bed anymore (at least I hope not), Women can vote, and drive, it’s perfectly ok to go shopping in a bikini on a very hot day if you like, Black people can marry white people if they wish and shops can remain open on a sunday.

If gay people want to get married, then why not? what does it matter to you where they spill their seed? you won’t be in their bedroom… standing there at the foot of the bed with your Bible, preaching Jesus at the top of your lungs while David penetrates Steve’s hot rear end with his nine-inch love-tool? No, Didn’t think so… so who cares what they do?

And in truth they just might be having a relaxing night on the couch together, watching a Bambi DVD… Yes, the Disney film, with the deer.

But then I always knew you had a filthy mind.

“Missionary Man” Eurythmics





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24 08 2010
Confessions of a Glorified Sideman

Meeting Eurythmics…

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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