10 08 2010

One of the things I have enjoyed doing online is hanging around with other furries, for those of you who don’t know what a furry is, it’s basically someone who describes themselves as a sort of half-animal creature… goodness, that might be me!

We’ve been around for decades as a sort of underground community… many of us are artists, we write, paint, draw, take photos, make films, sculpt, create music, and build fursuits… they look like mascots and I’m sure you’ve seen them, especially if you’re near a place where some of the huge “furcons” are held.

Furries also tend to be very open about their sexuality, and while not all furry activities are centered around “adult activity” some of it very definitely is… we are people after all, and people do have sex from time to time.

This usually takes the form of erotic art, which is often visually stunning… it is not usually some quick porn whipped up in five minutes, but beautifully sketched and coloured artwork which is sometimes sold at furcons for fans of the genre to hang on their walls at home… in a private space, of course!

Not long ago the mainstream media found out about us, and gave us a hard time. rather than finding out exactly what it was that we were doing, they went all low-brow on us and went for any shock value that they could dig up. MTV, Vogue and E.R. all had a crack, and the public got a terribly distorted view of what we represented.

Naturally furries became media shy, a bad idea in my opinion, though I do understand.
I felt that documentary makers would eventually catch up and find out what the scene was really about… and they did.

There’s been a huge shift in public feelings towards furries over the last four years, which began with a type of racism, which was certainly educational for a white Aussie male to feel… it has actually done me some good as I found out what life must be like for those who are harassed based on their skin colour… but now, people are generally ok with us, and that’s great.

So, I was talking about the art before… of course it’s not just sold at cons, a lot of it is posted to forums like Furaffinity, which will receive roughly five new image posts every few minutes. It’s here where new artists can discuss their work with older, more experienced artists or simply show off what they’ve created with others.

Partnerships from all over the world will spring up here, lifelong friendships will form, and people will fly in from all over the planet to meet these friends at cons in the US, The UK and Australia.

Years ago I met my friend Marko, who lives in Brisbane. Marko wears a fursuit by the name of Rattus… yes he’s a giant Rat. I consider Marko not just a friend, but a soul-mate. He’s been there for me through thick and thin, even flying down to stay with me not long after my Mothers death.

So the internet is very important to furries.

it was quite a surprise then to find that when I got a look at the internet blacklist, which may or may not be real, several furry sites were listed.

It was just a few pictures, but what if we aussie furries go to our favourite art sites after Conroy gets his way and find that our entire websites have been blocked? what then?

The sites are already password protected the same way as facebook or youtube, you do need an account there to have a site to store your art… as I do.

Though I seriously feel that the filter won’t actually work, it does bother me that our government would stomp on so many toes because they find our art inappropriate.





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10 08 2010
Gumby Roffo

Bloody good write up Wolfie. Although I haven’t met any furrys IRL I have met many of the character and passion in Secondlife. Your right in pointing out the feelings and effects of discrimination with in not only real life but as well as those that occur online as well. If I could take away one lesson from SL and knowing furries it would be that there is intolerance everywhere, thats what bands folks together , to overcome misinformation and support each other in the down times. Hell you don’t even need to be a furrie , just have an open mind and be prepared to overcome your prejudices.
Anyhow mate hugs and keep strong.
( This comment was written and authorised by Cab Sav)

19 09 2010

I’d never heard of furries. This is utterly fascinating!

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