When the Fat Lady sings.

8 08 2010

Shortly after the announcement that the Liberal party would not back the Governments internet filter, there was speculation on Twitter that since the Labor party would simply not get enough people agreeing to it in parliament,
that it was probably finished.

With this news, some of us began celebrating, and Getup! prematurely declared our victory.
This is a lot like declaring the winner of a race when there’s still twenty laps to go.

What I fear may have happened, are that those who would have voted in a way that would block the filter, have possibly decided that since the filter will no longer be an issue, that we can go and vote for someone else.

Labor is still very clearly pressing forward with a plan to filter the internet, despite the many times they’ve been told that it won’t work, and they also plan to keep records of our visits to websites, which surely must go against all our basic privacy requirements.

Our online freedom is still at risk, the celebrating was premature, the fat lady hasn’t sung… until everyone has voted and we find that they’ve done so in our favour, it’s only then can we pop a few corks.





3 responses

8 08 2010

Exactly! Let’s not forget that pollies always break promises. What is to stop the lobs or greens using nocleanfeed in senate horse trading. It must be lying on the ground dead with an arrow in it’s eye- @netwonmark the fat lady is still in the wings people!

9 08 2010

Quite right. A victory for Labor will become a MANDATE for internet censorship.

After a Labor victory in the lower house, even if they do not have a Senate majority, some Coalition senators could still be white-anted by lobby groups, see that “People voted FOR the filter” and cross the floor. About 8 would be enough.

10 08 2010
Wolfie Rankin

I’m voting green, and sex party second… I want both of the two big parties to have a really hard time.

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