18 07 2010

Last nights dream, or perhaps I should say “This Mornings” due to the fact that my mind is on fire lately and I can’t seem to shut it off till morning.

Years ago when Mum was around, She’d wake very early and start the washing, and have breakfast. I’d hear hungry cats meowing for their breakfast, as Mum would give them their one meal of the day then. She’d be talking to Dad and whichever of the dogs we had, clattering dishes, making toast, boiling water… and all of this would somehow make me feel more secure, and it was then that if I’d had a sleepless night, I’d finally drop off deeply.

Sometime this morning then, I had this dream, most of which I can’t recall… but this fragment remains.

We were moving house, and gathering things together…
It seemed the house was absolutely loaded with paraphernalia, items from trips, furniture, music, everything.

I leaned around our fridge which was covered by magnets holding papers, bills, notes, things cut from the paper, important papers from hospital… layered thickly, possibly ten deep.

I grabbed at some and they came off.

Wind picked them up and I went chasing them, there was no wall next to the fridge, I could see the papers blowing over the grass in the street, the grass was lush and green beside the single lane road.

I stepped onto gold and white marbled stone and down onto the grass, and tried to grab the papers, which seemed important enough for me to try to retrieve.

But each time I went after them, there was another puff of wind which would blow them further away.

And now I realised that I stood on a cliff by the ocean, and the papers were blowing towards the edge… some blew over, but blew back too, and I caught most of them.

The sky seemed to boil with grey stormy clouds, the air was fresh, cool and clean, and somewhere down below, a mighty ocean remained unseen.

On the ground were plastic bags from record shops.

As a teenager I’d buy lots of records and kept them with the bags they came in, until I could get proper protective sleeves for them.

And that seemed to be about it.





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