Truth or Rumour

1 07 2010

I think I’d like to tell you something, I’m not sure you’ll
see the point of this but I hope you do.

When I was at primary school I was bullied, it was mainly verbal,
and was about my character and things I apparently did in private.

Some kid would invent a story and it would flourish.

I copped these stories through high-school as well, my later childhood
and teenage years were a sheer misery, and I hated going to school.

I became extremely fearful and would hardly talk to anyone.

By the time I left school, I wouldn’t just walk up to people and ask
them anything, I was too afraid to.

I remember going to the record shop to see if my order was in yet, and
nearly peeing my pants, I don’t know, I think I felt as if I’d be laughed at
the guy didn’t laugh, but it was now at the point where I felt that anyone,
especially if they were close to my own age, would do so.

Well those years were absolutely shocking.

Nobody sat down to get to know who I was, or what I was into, what I loved or hated… my opinion wasn’t wanted and I didn’t matter.

I was everything the rumours told people, and that was it.

Knowing what I’d been though, I have always taken special care to make sure that what people said about others was absolutely true, I needed solid, hard facts before I’d call someone something negative… this has slipped at times, if something has got me hot under the collar, I am gentle in nature but I have developed an anger in my later years which needs to be roped down at times.

I know how bullies work, they start fake stories and then without a shred of evidence, everyone else passes on the rumour and calls it truth.

There’s no difference between bullies and truthers, none at all.





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