Faulty Friends

30 06 2010

Everyone has faults and sometimes the faults are bad… sometimes you can do something about it, you can analyse yourself and see if you’re going wrong somewhere. When it’s a friend or relative, you can have a little talk about it or drop the odd hint, and sometimes about all you can do is hope the light globe comes on at some point.

I have a lovely friend who’s kind and affectionate, helpful… so far, so good.
But turned out to be a hard-core Republican, Thought Obama was the worst news ever, in fact in a conversation tonight, she called him a “devil” and because she’s also a truther, bought up a conspiracy about someone who knew “the truth” and “had evidence” that he was actually born in Kenya, but vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Apparently Obama is also somehow to blame for the oil spill too.

She’s also very much in favour of Sarah Palin.

However it’s interesting to note that she doesn’t believe Bush had the twin towers destroyed, why not? believe one conspiracy, believe them all, it’s only fair… Elvis is probably still alive somewhere too, maybe he’s living with Michael Jackson in a flying saucer?

All of this irks me terribly, but what can I do about it, believe me, I have tried, but you cannot argue with conspiracy nuts, so now, when the talk begins to swerve in that direction, like a semi heading for a cliff, I bail out, log out and leave… otherwise I start getting a bit hot under the collar and may end up saying things I regret.

That is a strange thing the Americans have, that their president must be born in the US, why?

Yes it’s in the constitution, but doesn’t it reek of racism?

It’s very odd in these more enlightened times to require that someone must be born in ones own country.

Right now, in Australia, We have a woman who’s just become Prime Minister of our Country, She’s from Wales, and is a red-head… I’ll leave it to you to decide which is worse.

She’s also an Atheist, which gets top marks in my opinion, I mean how on earth can a country claim to be the top of the class in science when their leader still believes in invisible friends in the sky… I think the car sticker I saw said it best… “We have the fossils, We win”.

I don’t care if our next leader is male, female or trans-gendered, is purple with orange spots, or has three nipples and eight toes, if they do their job as promised and tick all the right boxes then who cares where they came from?

If a leader does something terrible then the public certainly has a right to complain, but harping on about a birth certificate is just “a little bit bullshit”





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30 06 2010

I may imagine who is the star of this post. I can say, that for her blame I decided to leave your group in Yahoo. Such people always hope that everybody change to their ideas, for good or worse.

Anyway, just for FYI, a new version of my site is out. This messages is posted after click on your icon and being sent to this page. 😉


30 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

I don’t mind if people have different views and can back these up with facts, but when they resort to bizarre rumours and such, claiming they’re the facts, then they’re completely off the rails… There’s not much difference to a person who puts on a superman suit and stands on the roof preparing to fly, at this point, reasoning to them about gravity probably isn’t going to do much good.

1 07 2010
Talarus Luan

Unfortunately, the Republican Right has become almost a cult of its own; it is no longer in touch with reality, and many of the people who get involved in it don’t realize what is happening. They are fed on a steady diet of lies and misinformation by slick-tongued snake-oil peddlers, and have literally outsourced their reasoning faculties and common sense to these people.

They are afraid and lost, and latch onto the most familiar-sounding ideal they encounter, and guard that connection jealously.

I know, my mother threatens to go “off the rails” all the time listening to them, and I am trying to keep her grounded in reality. I argue with these fanatics in other forums all the time; all you really can do is just keep repeating the truth over and over again, and keep showing them how and why it is the truth, hoping that critical thinking / skepticism circuit eventually kicks in their brain, and they start using it to sort the crap from the nuggets of truth.

I don’t mollycoddle them. I let them know in no uncertain terms that I don’t share their so-called “beliefs”, and I shower them with facts and information from as many sources on all sides of the issues as possible. The only way you can help someone out of that kind of darkness is to shine as much light as possible everywhere you can. It may be blinding to them at first, and they may resent you shining it, but, honestly, what is worse? A little pain now, versus a lifetime of living in darkness, fear, and doubt?

Of course, you can only shine the light on the path; they still must walk it. They have to choose to loosen their embrace on the darkness and walk the path to enlightenment. They have to adopt the practice of critical thinking. All you can do is show them how it works; teaching them to think for themselves.

As for your friend, all you can do if you do not wish to be her lightbearer is to just change the subject or tell her that you do not wish to discuss that subject with her; tell her that you value your friendship and do not want to jeopardize it with falling into argument over something which is out-of-scope of your relationship. Perhaps when she sees that you are sincere about relating your feelings on the subject, she might open up to you and you might find a way to shine that light without blinding her until her “eyes” can adjust to it.

Fair winds and bright skies, friend Wolf. 🙂

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