I can’t believe it’s not reality

28 06 2010

Today, during my regular twittering, I read a post from someone who I thought, understood the internet.

He said something about the internet not being reality.

The fact that this particular piece of tripe is still around really amazes me, but that it was said by someone who I thought, “got the internet” astounds me.

Right now the internet is alight with anger and frustration that Julia left Conroy in charge of the internet, which is something akin to leaving an ape in charge of landing a plane.

But apparently this “echo chamber” called twitter can’t do anything about it, oh really? I don’t believe that.

Try tweeting that your Boss is a slave driver, your girl is a slut, your boyfriend can’t get it up, your wife’s arse is the size of England… and I’m certain that when the right or wrong pair of eyes see what you wrote, that your reality will definitely change.

The internet breaks news stories regularly, and certainly faster than television or radio could ever hope to do. Granted, you have to pick and choose and think a bit, but nothing gets the news to others as fast as twitter can.

The internet is probably a big reason why President Obama is in power in the US,
and why several couples I know are now married, and why I have more friends than I’ve ever had before… no, not practically unknown friends, but genuine friends who I know extremely well, and do all the usual things that good friends do.

When I portray myself as Wolfie, you’re getting the real deal. Wolfie is me, he’s not just a “brand” that you see online, Wolfie is the shape of who I am on the inside. Remove the Wolfie and what you’re left with is a Stepford Wife with male parts.

Yes I joke a lot, but I hope you can tell when I’m being serious, and that you know which issues are important to me.

Since I’ve been online, I began to use the internet in the late 90’s, I have tried to encourage people to use it, because I see a benefit in having all this wonderful connections, this is a two-way conversation and I prefer this over watching TV which I have all but abandoned because I feel that I’ve had my fill and it doesn’t really serve me anymore.

I am grateful for all those I engage with online daily, I would name names here, but I’m sure to forget someone. I want to know what makes you tick, your interests, your worries, the news that you heard, your funny thoughts, moments of enlightenment.

I want to know about your cat, and the film you saw, or how your podcast went,
and all the little uncategorised bits and pieces.

The internet is real because of you, I know that on the other side of the screen, there is a living breathing person with feelings, and I know that you realise that I’m real too, and I thank you for that.




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