Win a Premium Avatar Competition

26 06 2010



The ABC Island Community “Win A Premium Avatar Competition begins tonight.

The prize is a $2000L Werewolf, which will be given to the person who
figures out and sends me a password which can be discovered via a
series of clues, You will require some technical, internet
and trivia skill in order to find the password.


Midnight, Melbourne Australia
(7am Secondlife Time (San Francisco)


Secondlife, at ABC Island (The Aussie one, not the Japanese one)
“Australian Broadcasting Corporation” – No we’re not scared of Furries, The ABC had a kids show in the 70’s called Aunty Jack, which was a Man dressed as a Woman with a handlebar Moustache and she (he?) wore a boxing glove on one hand.

His (Her?) catchphrase was “I’ll rip yer bloody arms orf”… So why should we be scared of mere furries?

If you’ve never visited the island before, use the teleport link below,
When you arrive at Broadcast Tower, turn left and and you will see the “Win A Premium Avatar” Poster, there’s a box there which mentions teleportation, walk to the box, right-click it and choose “Avatar”, this will take you to the contest location.


I will give you your instructions myself, however, Details of HOW to find the password will not be revealed till just before play begins.


The competition is run by Myself, Wolfie Rankin, as an ABC Island Community event.


Whoever finds the password must IM me via Secondlife immediately,
all IMs come to me via e-mail, so if I’m not online, I will still
see who came first.

Notification of success will be returned to the player via IM and
also via Group Notice (a secondlife thing)

Players should join the “ABC Friends” group.

The winner must join so that I can deliver their
prize, this is the only way to do it. You must also be online at the
same time as me so that I can send you the prize. If a prize is not
claimed within a month then the second person who sent the correct
answer to me will claim the prize.


The Competition is not open to any ABC Island Staff, meaning Volunteers
or ABC Employees.

If, while you’re there, you will find a video playing, an ABC produced
doco on Secondlife. It’s interesting but can be annoying because it’s
hard to turn off.

I suggest going to Preferences in the “Me” pulldown menu at the top left
of your screen, choose “sound and media” and untick “allow media to autoplay”.

The competition is subject to change at any time, which may also
include cancellation.

The prize is for 1 (one) “1st Act” Werewolf, of any colour, style or sex as chosen by the (one) winner, which will be sent to the (one) winner (SL account) via (only)

The competition will close in One Month, though I feel the prize will
be claimed sooner than that.

We’d also love a photo of you in your new avatar, so please come back
and show it off.

This competition is not endorsed by ABC itself, so the ABC cannot be held liable for any problems which may arise.

The ABC does not endorse the prize and is not partaking in any advertising of the said product.

For further details, contact myself, Wolfie Rankin, within Secondlife or via twitter


Direct teleport link to ABC Island.

Win a Premium Avatar Competition Video

XStreet SL Marketplace

And here’s a link for Aunty Jack, incase you didn’t believe me.





6 responses

26 06 2010
Rosen Otter

So the prize is a custom avatar worth eight bucks US? I’m turgid!

26 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

I guess if I had a fortune like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, I could certainly make the prize more interesting, but I don’t, and I do what I can to keep my part of SL going. Anyway the contest is just a bit of fun, and lots of Secondlife users would love a free avatar like this. Why don’t you hold a contest and offer a prize? I should expect a diamond studded iphone? Just a suggestion… Your turgidity suits, cause you’re a dick.

26 06 2010

G’day Mr Otter, I’m Scuzzi.

Had to google turgid, I’m sorry for your pompous engorgment disability, hope you recover soon.

26 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

It’s old Catholic Nun Speak for “A Throbber” 🙂

27 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Yes, there are two bones marked #10, it’s a mistake but won’t affect the outcome of the game.

27 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

If you would like to play the game and gain satisfaction from that, but may not want the avatar… which is understandable as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, then if you win, I will allow you to gift it to someone else who you think would enjoy it, sound fair?

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