Gay and Lesbian awareness week

19 06 2010

It’s hardly a secret that I’m happy with Gay and Lesbian people, they don’t worry me in the slightest and I’ve usually found them to be great people and highly imaginitive, which I really like.

But another reason I like them is that I believe they could save the planet, yes really.

In the 70’s when we decided to change our Anthem from God save the Queen, to Advance Australia Fair, Some people, Mostly Women, noticed that one line was a little offensive… “Australia’s Son’s let us rejoice for We are young and free”, a lovely thought, but it left out a whole section of the community, our Women folk, who absolutely deserve a mention. Eventually heads were clunked together and things were thought and said, and the line was corrected to “Australians ALL let us rejoice”, Well done!

But there’s another line that bothers me greatly, and I refuse to sing it.

“We’ve boundless plains to share”.

Now upon reading that, you could rightly assume I am racist, but settle down and I’ll explain.

The wording came from a time when we thought the planet was an endless place, from which we could also consume without end, and it’s not, the World is a finite resource… and even that word “resource” chokes in my throat as it reeks of consuming the planet because it’s ours, when it isn’t ours, it doesn’t belong to us or “future generations” (that awful cliche, of pretend people who will all be nature loving creatures, somehow magically unlike ourselves). The planet belongs to nobody, and certainly no set of human beings anywhere, and we’re running out of room fast.

I fear for the Australia I know and love, my worst fear is driving from Melbourne to Brisbane and seeing nothing but houses, and no countryside or natural places at all.

Environmentalists who fight and have fought for the preservation of our beautiful land, will be sad to see the land once more being taken away, as step by step, more land is used for people. farms turned into housing estates, forests in turn becoming farms until all land is completely used up.

There will come a point soon when forests can not exist, and nobody will protect them or care too as Future Generations eat up every scrap of land they can get, it will be a time of massive extiction of animals and plants.

There are those who believe that a compact flourescent globe will save us, but it’s a con of epic proportions, If you’re running a 40watt globe, and switch to CF, Yes you save power… but not if your towns population grows, either by people moving there or simply being born, these people will use up any savings you thought you’d made, and will use even more.

I don’t want this to seem like I hate people, I think you all understand that this is not the case, But I love the Aussie bush and am sad to see less and less of it each year.

Advocates of “populate or perish” say that we need more people, why?
So that they can look after an older generation? How many of us are already looking after an older generation?
And what about when they age too, which they will, if allowed to, what then? do we breed even more?

They tell us that if India or Tokyo can do it, then so can we… but in all honesty, who wants to be packed in tight like
India or Tokyo?

I think the only real solution to the worlds environental problems is to be gay, and yes, people are gay from birth, but I’ve also seen it as a lifestyle choice, and it works as well as any other relationship. It can be easier, you can spend more time doing what you love and you can save the money which would have been spent on children, on yourself.

And the lower population will be better and healthier for the planet.


See the video




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