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11 06 2010

During my school years, I was bullied a lot because I thought and acted differently to others, and this led to a lot of verbal abuse which I took right up till I finally left… Most of it was made up rumours, created and spread and designed to make my school years a complete misery.

This resulted in me not trusting anyone for a considerable time, but it taught me one thing, that facts are important and rumours, no matter who started them, were not to be trusted.

This Friday, Andy Muirhead was said to be charged by the Federal Police for accessing and downloading child porn.
This is a volatile subject right now, and the problem is that even if you’re proven innocent in a case like this, some people will still think you’re guilty.

Now I’m not defending Andy, He may be guilty at that, and that is up to the court to decide, but the information is rather thin on the ground at the moment and I need hard evidence. I’m not the sort who hears a flimsy tale and rushes to join a mob carrying pitchforks and flaming torches.

If you were to see someone doing something wrong in a public area, then some of the time you can be sure that what you saw was right, but something done at home, online, can be a difficult thing to spot and hard to prove.

I have known people who wished to get online but had very little income, and so, scraped together a few bits and pieces and constructed their own computer, this is quite a good idea, especially if all you want to do is e-mail, add items to facebook, write a blog and twitter. It’s also environmentally friendly as perfectly good computers, which were only thrown away because the owner wished to upgrade, get a second, or even a third use.

Often the hard drive still holds the contents of the original owner, the operating system, photoshop, e-mail, photos, videos and yes…
porn. For something that a lot of people claim they never look at, it sure is popular.

A lot of people, finding their computer runs, won’t go out and get a new copy of windows, why should they? it’s a lot cheaper to use if they just keep everything as it is, They may not look through all the folders on a hard drive either, but they really should.

A friend of mine once gave me a laptop, which I appreciated and used quite a lot, but when I first switched it on, found it loaded with adware, which I could only get rid of by deleting everything and starting from scratch.

But I appreciate that a lot of people simply haven’t got time, the computer works, and appears to work well… it’s sending and recieving e-mail, so let’s leave it like that.

Quite often people don’t use any virus killers at all, which leaves them wide open for problems where, for example, they may unwittingly take part in a Denial of Service attack, or some unknown “cybercrime” (Did I make you cringe, Pardon me).

Quite often, a person can be clicking through links and suddenly find something which goes beyond what they find tasteful, once it’s on your screen, it’s cached to your hard drive… so even if you made a squeamish face and navigated away, the image is still on your drive. Obviously anyone sorting through your files might assume, even if they saw the one image, that that’s what you’re into, and report you to police.

Many of us are not aware of this, and if we are, we don’t bother to clean up our drives, we all have other things to do… sitting there mucking out your drives is a tedious time consuming task that nobody likes.

What I’m saying is, if you were to give me a computer to fix (I’m no expert, and please don’t) I could probably find porn on there.

Though as I’ve said in the past, I have never once seen child porn, either online or on an old hard drive, and I don’t wish to either.
There is a risk though, that if you obtain an old computer, you may be bringing anything into your home if the hard drives are still loaded up with content… what might at first seem like a great find, could leave a very bitter taste in your mouth at a later time.

No, I’m anot advocating a filter and never would, the onus is on us, to be careful online just as you are careful to look both ways when crossing a street.

As for Andy, we can only hope that he’s the victim of an error, but only time will tell.





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11 06 2010

Totally agree , I feel for Andy his reputation is trash regardless of the outcome of any trial, you are totally right to call for calm. I have seen some disgusting comments on Twitter and would question any ones ability to judge with out the facts.

I truly hope this is a mistake, but no matter the harm is done. As for the rest of the post sound advice that agree with.


11 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Eva just mentioned the possibility of someone sitting in their van outside your property with their laptop, downloading whatever they wanted without you knowing. My neighbour ended up with a huge excess download bill because she believed that she had to have her router switched on at all times… and apparently it was not secure, so it seems that someone came along and sat there and downloaded whatever they wanted without her knowledge… and yes I think she ended up having to pay that bill. Now you can have some protection on your router but it’s relatively easy to break from what I understand. I find the best protection is to unplug your router when you don’t need it… easier for me, one person on their own… much harder to do when a whole family relies on the service.

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