I want to show you something

1 06 2010

This is why things must not be as geeky as they are, watch me.

I’m after a plugin for wordpress, I have no real idea of how they work, only that you can obtain them from the wordpress plugins site, which confuses me as it ends in .org rather than .com (what’s all that about?) and I see this:


The usual vanilla installation: (Which is???)

1. Upload add-link folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory


2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

I would try, if I could figure out step one.

3. Place Add Links widget in your prefered sidebar on the Widgets Page

Yes I think I understand this bit.

So I look around just to check if there might be a handy button marked “Install Plugin” but I appear to be out of luck.
As I scroll down, I notice a small comment “Code is Poetry” Which confirms that this place is for geekery and not for
mere mortals like me who only want to construct a lovely page where people can come and read about stuff I’ve contemplated.

I’m not a programmer, I don’t understand basic HTML… andin this day and age, I should’nt be expected to.

We all have our own abilities, We’re either great cooks, musicians, writers, film makers etc.
if we’re not good at computer programming, why then do those who can, look down on us with upturned noses, rather than, simply make life a lot easier for us, which they could do, right?

I want computers to work like my stomach, I don’t want to have to think about what enzymes are doing to the apple I ate half an hour ago, does that make sense?


The plugin page, take a look, it’s horrible.




2 responses

1 06 2010

I love that it starts with:
“The usual vanilla installation”

I’m with you? That, to me, is not vanilla!

1 06 2010
Ryu Darragh

Ah, this is what they mean:

WordPress.com is just like any web host. Thw “blog” they provide you is your personal web page and has a bit of PHP/HTML that comprises the code you use to make the blog go.

WordPress.org is, indeed, the geeky side where the code itself is kept for users to download and mess with. You could, for instance, use “WordPress” on your own web page and embedd a blog on any compatible web host right inside your web page. WordPress.org is where the plug-ins get shared from.

When they say “Installation”, they mean you (Wolfie) need to use the “Control Panel” and Administrator functions to look into the folders hosting your blog on WordPress.com. If you don’t have the “/wp-content/plugins/ directory/add_link” folder, then copy the folder you unpacked onto your hard drive (“/add_link”) to the “/wp-content/plugins/ directory” folder manually using the Control Panel.

It’s not quite drag and drop and, yes, in this day and age it is, indeed, inexcusable not to have it simplified. But, this is what the Linux world is all about, “A Coders Paradise”.

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