Not deleting facebook

31 05 2010

There’s been a lot of people shouting about the dangers of facebook leaking our private world to others, so today these people organised a little mass farewell party for facebook, I was not with them.

For one thing, I honestly cannot see any reason for it, if facebook have the information, it’s mainly because YOU dear reader, put it there. If you signed up and you filled out the form, Name, Place of birth, How much you weigh, Your shoe size, your dog licence, the type of shampoo you prefer, who’s brand of undies you wear, the girl you first kissed it’s hardly Facebooks fault, is it?

Some of the wisest advice I was given about the internet once was “lie”, good grief, don’t give up any details that you don’t have to.

However, if you’re still giving up Facebook, here’s a few things to think about.

Vegemite is owned by Phillip Morris, a cigarette company, Will you be giving that up this week too?

Having Sex could give you AIDS

Alcohol could make you impotent, put holes in your liver and make you have an accident.

Chocolates could destroy rainforests and give you diabetes.

Planes sometimes fall from the sky.

Dogs bite sometimes, I had a dog who, while running free in the park, spotted his nemesis and tore off after him, the two proceeded to tear strips off each other, and in a moment of madness I leapt in, and my own dog nearly bit right through my right hand, which swelled to the size of a tennis ball. He was remorseful and I recovered and we both got on with life.

I’ve had dogs, and loved all five of the ones I’ve had so far. When they died it broke my heart, but it didn’t stop me getting another one… because even though losing them is the most painful thing in the world, nothing beats having a dog by your side, to go without a faithful canine is quite a gap to leave in ones life.

As a child, I was told on numerous occasions that I shouldn’t climb trees, but I loved climbing trees and did it as often as possible. I fell only about twice, and once I ripped a huge hole in my pants and was laughed at by a friend… but I still climbed anyway.

A friend of mine recently joined the Police academy, If he becomes a cop, and so far it’s looking good, He could be shot at and could die. But even if he saves one life, it’s all been worth it.

Certain things about Facebook may be a bit dodgy, but if it’s privacy… as @_pants_ said “‘Privacy on the Internet’ is the best oxymoron I’ve heard in a long time.” He’s right, I’ve been online since the mid 90’s and in that time I’ve created webpages, uploaded photos, written stories, been involved with forums… and more recently almost any social network that you can shake a stick at. My Internet footprint is massive.

And in all this time, not once have I been confronted with child porn.

No, I am not deleting my facebook, To me, whinging about how evil facebook is, is pathetic, Surely there are other things more worthy of our attention and Facebook could be one of the things that gets the word out… and getting the word out, to me, is everything.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be careful, you should be, as with everything in life… but if you’re so worried about the evils of the internet, then why not just stop paying for the service and join a hippy commune, or become a monk.

And all this wonderful fear, plays right into the hands of Senator Conroy, doesn’t it?

Yes, let’s all be fearful of the internet and let dear old Uncy Conners wrap you in a lovely warm 100% non-allergenic cotton filter.

If I seem angry, I blame the immunisation I was forcefully given as a child, I’m 44 now and I’m sure I can feel a bad reaction coming on.


BTW: Here’s a post from Wolfcat which is well worth a read.

* I’d like to add that not long ago, I had abandoned Facebook because I was suddenly getting what seemed like endless offers to join people in games and recieve virtual gifts which I didn’t want. I’m a writer, and I simply wanted to write when I felt the need. I didn’t see Facebook as some sort of game. However I let people know how I felt, and added a message to my profile to say that I didn’t want any of that. People accepted my terms and everything’s fine now.




13 responses

31 05 2010

You know what should be outlawed on the internetz? Black backgrounds with white text. OWWW my poor eyes. Now is there a share this button for this post?

31 05 2010

Perfect! Articulate. Succinct

Nuff Said

31 05 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Well, Black on a white background is worse for me, I always feel a sense of being snow blinded by it. if I could make all my programs look like this, then I probably would do it. It could be worse, Ever seen Dark blue on black? or Orange on Pink? There’s a scary thought 😉

31 05 2010
Liz K

What more needs to be said Wolfie? Nothing, you covered it 🙂 Well done and where is that share button?

31 05 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Share Button? I don’t think I ever had one.

31 05 2010
wizard Stormcrow


31 05 2010
wizard Stormcrow

Hey Wolfie,

Great bit of writing in a fun and folkloric way. I have never joined Facebook and never will, but that my opinion 🙂 take care keep up the good words

Wizard Stormcrow

1 06 2010

Great writeup Wolfie, Now I’m off to twit & book this. I wonder if there is a 4 square button for ” Gumby is at this web page”

1 06 2010

great post I really clicked with it , did you like mine

1 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Yes mate, I did, and thankyou for the link back.

I really want to have a widget on the right side where I can insert my favourite URLs, and right now I can’t find one that does this.
Does anyone know what I could do to get this done?

1 06 2010

got it worked out the link you were on the right track you need to add a link delete the one you dont want , this stuff is not easy is it , any way my page has you up

1 06 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Got it, thankyou for helping.

4 06 2010

This is the reason that I never wanted a Facebook account, for start I never made tons of friends. An in my country, kidnappers and thieves harvest private information for criminal acts. So is not wise to use these services unless you really want to expose your intimacy to everybody.

Pd. This email is bogus. XD

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