The glass curtain

25 05 2010

Those who I’m friends with often breathe a sigh of despair for me when I tell them I’ve met and chatted to a celebrity online, usually via twitter. Now I’m not into celebrities but I am into media, and people who are into media generaly like to talk to people… celebrities or not.

My dream was to have my own radio show, and I did have one for a while on community radio, a music show that ran for two hours, twice a week for three years. I quit once I began losing my health.

And I thought that I’d wind up meeting people who in some way made little parts of my life feel wonderful, I am not interested in gossip, I am interested in people. and so I sort of envisioned myself getting phonecalls from someone who wanted to tell me that they had a rough day, missed the bus, had problems with plane tickets, but it was fine in the end. The kind of stuff anyone talks about.

You see I have a frustration which I understood right from a very early age, that there was like a glass curtain which separates me from you, the celebrity, becomes an unreal person, someone who exists solely on the tv screen or behind the radio speaker, someone who for all we know is switched off and put into a storage closet after they sign off.

I saw people that even as a kid, felt that I ought to be friends with, I was a kid watching sesame street who saw kids with Big Bird, and I wanted to be with them, really badly too.

When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted most, it was to be a TV cameraman, and well, I suppose I grew up and bought my own cameras and made my own videos, which you can see on my youtube page.

But later I had heros who I wanted to be like, Wolfman Jack, The famous US DJ… and The equally famous English DJ Kenny Everett, who I admired greatly. We only heard scraps of Wolfman in Australia, But Kenny was seen and heard more due to Captain Kremmen, his comedy sci-fi series heard on radio and The Kenny Everett Video Show which was on TV in the early 80’s.

So being a part of radio suddenly became fa more appealing.

I didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but then, when I least expected it, along came Secondlife and Twitter, and I feel like I have started climbing out of the hole I was in, and getting, in a round about way, to a point where I should have been if things hadn’t gone a bit awry.

There are people out there, on the other side of this two-way glass curtain, who I can now hold a conversation with, I adore my Secondlife and Twitter friends, I always have… They don’t have to be some big celebrity to rock my world, it’s the connection that matters, if I can connect with someone on a personal level then I feel very happy.

I also really love connecting one person to another too, often I’ll find two people with the same interest, music, science, architecture, painting, anything… they’ll have met me, but not each other, and I’ll put them in touch. What I hope is this does someone some good, and if it does, I can die happy in the knowledge that I was worth a lot more to society than the dreadful marks I got from school would suggest I’d be.

@Wolfie_Rankin… Go on, You know you want to. 😉

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