Two sugars?

18 05 2010

I had a thought about football, now bare with me here, don’t tune out, please… you see, I don’t like it either.

And if you can admit that, then we’ve come far.

In the 70’s and 80’s, you couldn’t say that, admitting that you didn’t follow a team was a bit like saying your dad was married to his sister and you has six toes on your feet.

There was always the gasp of horror and the look of shame.

And tonight while moping about before bed, I realised it’s a bit like when you have someone with you, for the first time, and you offer them a coffee, you wouldn’t first ask if they’d like a coffee, you’d just ask how they wanted it.

I’d often be asked which team I barracked for, not if I followed the game at all first off.

Thankfully the TV remains off these days, one of the reasons it remains in that state is because I don’t have sports pushed down my throat every 15 minutes. but online, even in winter, I can be blissfully unaware of who’s “thrashing” who, you see, I really don’t care.

I’m a guy who never, ever watches sports… it’s a wonder I’m still single. 😉





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