Who is Wolfie?

16 05 2010

Once in a while, I’ll get people asking me about Wolfie, the part of him who’s me and the part of him who’s the character. I know a lot of people just read my blogs and tweets and try to work it out for themselves, but people can also assume the wrong things. so I thought I’d write down the ideas which were popping up in my head while doing my dishes and cooking tea, a very rare thing really.

Wolfie is my soul, which is a funny thing to say, considering that I call myself an athiest, to feel I have a soul… it might just be my feelings or thoughts. in any case, it’s a comfortable place within, like a bean bag near the stereo and your favourite dog curled up beside you.

While I consider that I am Wolfie, (My Real name is Peter) there are also the avatars… the Secondlife one and the White Wolf logo which you see when you read my posts in various places online.

Both of these are mechanisms for me to present myself as Wolfie, via these I want to show you my inner self, but quite often you’ll see bits of the regular, everyday me too… but where Wolfie stops and Peter starts is something I’m not sure of myself.

What I hope doesn’t happen, is that people see it as some kind of creepy, mad puppeteer thing, where the dummy takes on a scary sense of self, though I’d be Wolfie without the device (dummy/avatar/logo) in any case.

Lets make this clear right here and now, Wolfie is very much a Werewolf but he never eats people, so why does he say that he does?

It’s a reverse racism thing… in the story which I’ll probably never complete, Wolfie is friends with a group of local werewolves,
and they joke about eating people in the same way that Gay men can refer to themselves as fags and Italians can call themselves wogs.

I have a very good Vietnamese friend who once said “Yeah, I eat dogs, so what?” and I like that flippant, self-mocking talk, it’s very Aussie, and I base this idea on what he said at that moment.

Many years back I read legends that were written about Werewolves, from centuries ago, and although there were the stories about the dangerous blood thirsty beasts, which constantly comes up in books and movies too often…unfortunately, there was also the werewolf who was there to protect a village from danger, thieves and the like, and others who’d protect farms and animals.

The Werewolves of Melbourne are very definitely the protective sort of Werewolf, though I had no wish to write them up as some sort of super heroes (ninja turtles comes to mind), but if you were a large creature who could see in the dark very well and you heard someone scream, you could come to their aid, right?

To the Characters in my book, Werewolf movies are a bit like being black and watching black people play the part of servants in film.
Though they still like the werewolf movies, all the collected works on VHS tapes (80’s period) are stored on a shelf entitled “comedy”.

Wolfie is a very caring individual, very gentle and loving and always wishes to try and do the right thing for his friends and family,
Never a blood thirsty, baby eating beast… but the latter loans itself to comedy a lot better.

Years ago when I first got online, I found two groups of people… one set were involved in a chat group (alt.horror.werewolves on Usenet) and refered to themselves as werewolves, remarkably, these individuals thought along much the same way as I do about their inner-wolf, which was amazing really, why on earth would people be experiencing the same sorts of feelings, it was really something. and remember that I was having these thoughts as far back as the mid 80’s, long before I’d even heard of the internet.

The other set were furries, people who are into artwork, fursuits and so on, who sometimes shared similar experiences but would often change who they were, say, from a cat to a dragon, overnight, because they were tired of the other version of themselves or their friends were all dragons this week so “I’ll be one too”.

Weres rarely changed their view of who they were, although I confess, there have been changes with me… but then, don’t we all re-evaluate ourselves over time anyway?

I tend to see more furries these days, and furries too have come from a sub-culture thing which nobody really seemed to know about, to something which people are now fairly commonly (and often wrongly) aware of.

People sometimes say I’m a furry, and while I don’t really fit in that category (Weres refer to themselves as Therians or Therianthropes), I don’t really mind if people call me a furry… and I do it myself now and then too.

Now I suppose I could write down every detail I can think of, but I’d rather be asked questions on this, so please feel free to do so,

But there’s a few tidbits anyway.

* I am one of the early members of alt.horror.werewolves as mentioned in the wiki article, which began as a discussion about werewolf books and movies, but evolved into a group about therianthropy… the “horror” bit being a hangover from what the group was originally developed for.





One response

17 05 2010

well written and said, as always Wolfie! 🙂 love you very much & miss you! Xoxo you’re such a great writer!

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