Over Ruled

5 05 2010

Last night I went to one of the seedier parts of Secondlife, the infamous GYC (Gay Yiffy Club) which is a furry hangout.

A friend was joking that I hang out there all the time, so to prove him wrong, I went there and took a picture of myself at the bar with GYC in neon over my shoulder.

Interestingly enough, although the place was fairly full, no one spoke to me the whole time, which I thought was extremely odd. I’ve been there before and not had a problem.

So I typed in Hi which causes my avatar to howl wildly, and got no response other than a newbie wolf who came and sat beside me… I felt that he didn’t fully understand how to use the controls yet. however I couldn’t stay to help him out as it was late and I had to leave.

I said “Goodnight everyone” and went home.

Just as I was teleporting, I saw someone had typed “Go home!”

Apparently I’d done something wrong, and was baffled by it, all I’d done was to sit at the bar and wait and see if someone noticed I was there, and then discovered [via the photo I’d taken earlier] that gestures are considered spam… fair enough, I’ve seen some gestures that last for minutes at a time and they can be annoying, but with me, it was just one howl, wolves do that you know, in fact we’re expected to, our agents get grumpy with us if we don’t.

Several things were considered spam, according to the board on the wall in the picture, and that probably explains why the place was so quiet.

This is an internet illness which goes back years, I remember seeing it in IRC channels in the 90s. where quite a few users would be sitting on a channel and not saying anything, so naturally my curiosity would get the better of me, I’d type “Hello, how’s things?” and instead of a friendly reply, I’d be hit with “SPAMMER, THOU SHALT DIE HORRIBLY IN THINE PIT OF FIRE” or something that sounded roughly the same.

I ask you, Why do people set up a group chat, if the very thing that you’re not alowed to do is CHAT? it’s completely insane, it’s like buying a cake to put on a plate and stare at till it goes mouldy, what’s the point?

To a chatty person like me, I find this kind of idiocy an affront.

Spam is an attempt to flog something to someone, it is not a friendly hello, and it isn’t asking what the weather is like, or asking where the person comes from.

Stopping people from talking to each other is not helping anyone’s cause.

I can imagine a party scene in real life.

“Hi John, I’d like to introduce you to Mike, We met on an IRC channel years ago, We never actually spoke to each other because it was considered spam, but we both appreciated the shape of each others name, and the lovely font which was used. I’d stare at his name for eight hours straight each day, and Mike would stare at mine too. We’re madly in love you know, look… I’ve got his name printed on my t-shirt.”

Look, if you’re not going to talk to anyone, why get a $2000 computer to do it?
You can just lock yourself in your bedroom and be anti-social for free.

*bangs head on desk*





6 responses

5 05 2010
Luketh Dragon

Wolfie.. You are officially awesome. =P

I totally get where you’re coming from, especially with SL gestures. I have to admit I’m a bit of a gesture whore myself, but that’s just all a part if my character! Not to mention the majority of my gestures fit into the context of whatever is going on, be it a yip, rawr, or cute sentence! *grins*

As for the GYC.. I don’t think I have ever been able to get a peep out of -anyone- in there before, -waaay- too set within their cliques.

5 05 2010

Gay people are cliquey and brittle? Who’d have thought! Rofl!

5 05 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Yeah, most of them want my phone number straight away 😉

5 05 2010
Ryu Darragh

Luketh hit the nail right on the head. Doesn’t have to be a place like GYC, either. The “cliques” are groups of people in personal chat with one or more other people. “Conference” chat, which can be any collection of people in your contacts folder placed into a seperate subfolder.

We’ve spent a bit of effort in one group chat channel educating our members how not to be annoyed by group chat and it gets quite silly, bizarre and very funny at time. No one minds.

My question is, why go someplace special and public just to chat with someone in a private channel? Are they trying to “be seen”?

5 05 2010

ah, well there are a few groups that have disabled chat, and they exist simply to put out ads for the group, or send updates of stuff out. Some of the elf and dragon groups are like that. (funny, I don’t really belong to a *normal* SL group its all the really cool interesting things …)
Alot of time people go to these places and just stand around and private IM people. your chat, (innocent comment) probably interupted their thoughts and killed their mood.

No worries, we still love you.


14 05 2010

This is offically the theme that came to mind reading that

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