Lost connection

5 04 2010

Sadly, my fling with mobile phones has ended, not because I have lost or broken my iphone, but simply because I cannot afford to keep one running… in other words, I bought the car but can’t afford the fuel.

For a while, I thought the mobile would be useful, I bought a sim card and was told I had quite a few megabytes on my plan, I’m not a talker or texter, I use data. So I’m having fun with that, using Gowalla, posting the very odd photo… most can wait till I’m back home on wi-fi. Then one day it stops working, even though I’m paying… and after five days of this, and trying all the tricks suggested by friends and Apple, I phoned Optus and found I’d apparently used up all my megabytes, Well I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. I’m an internet veteran and I know what it feels like to use that much, and I hadn’t, so I’m a bit fed up and that’s another reason I’m getting rid of it.

Making money to keep myself going is something I’ve failed at, for a while I thought there might be some hope.

After training at a radio school in South Melbourne, I went to a public station in Melton, 3 RIM FM, and spent three years there, I loved radio, it was my creative outlet, I was very passionate about it.

There was some chat going around that people had been hiring announcers from there to work at commercial stations, I’m not surprised, people there put a lot of effort into what they produced. The rumour was that I was being watched, but this was during my final year there, that is when I began to lose my health.

After this, I was either studying or doing volunteer jobs, I never complained about working for nothing,
I needed to feel like I was doing some good, and that was always very important to me, it still is.

After the cancer was discovered, I was put on a disability pension.

I have enough to keep myself fed and clothed, enough to feed Katie and Vicky, but the house is literally falling to bits.

There’s a cork tile floor in my kitchen, some tiles have cracked and others have lifted and others are missing, the floor is so badly broken that I cannot clean it, The bathroom is kaput, much of the wooden fittings are rotting and the shower is visited by slugs and millipedes.

The concrete floor has sunk in the kitchen and my bedroom, if you put a ball on the floor, it rolls into the corner.

To fix the house, if it can be fixed, would take thousands of dollars which I simply cannot afford.

The house is not insured at all.

I hoped that the internet might lead to something which brings in some money, but it never did, though I never really expected it to, I mainly did it to form friendships with people and that is something that I’m good at.

Yes, I did buy a macbook and iphone, these items do keep me in touch with others, so there is a practical reason for having them, the internet keeps me sane.

I feel bitter about the phone, as in, the landline. once it was an item that we had to have, but now it’s that thing that sits there, hardly used, and demands $90 quarterly when I may only make five phonecalls in that time. I detest it, and as soon as there’s a true
wireless internet that internode can provide, the phone cable gets the snip.

People seem to like what I do, and see me as useful in many ways and that makes me happy, but not having a dollar value to go with it, makes for a very difficult life.





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5 04 2010

Oh noes! I didn’t realise you were living in such penury! At least Katie is fed & you are providing a home for slugs & millipedes.

6 04 2010

Hey Wolfie,

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with regards for your iPhone data usage and that you’re planning to not use your service anymore 😦 The internet is a great way of keeping in touch with friends and I’d really like to see if I can find a better plan for you so that you can continue to do this.

Not sure if you’ve got a billed service or a Pre Paid but if you send your details through to me, I can check your usage and give you a call to discuss some options → http://bit.ly/OPTUS

I know from reading your blog you’ve got a lot of your plate at the moment so hopefully I can do something to make it a bit easier.


Julian Georgiou
Social Media Response Team

6 04 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Hi Julian, I have been usung pre-paid, the idea being that if costs were too much for me, I could drop it at any time, and not feel locked into a plan… although I do realise that a plan may have been cheaper if I wanted to keep the mobile going… which I do. Except most to the rather confusing deals seem to consist of things I don’t need… talk time… I may order a meal from the local take away twice a month, or phone a tradesman. No long interstate calls or even local ones. SMS? I’m on twitter, who needs it?.
Ahh but data, I can do a lot with that, and it’s one reason I bought the iphone. I thank you for your offer, but unless you can pull off a miracle, I doubt that I’ll be signing up for anything.

6 04 2010
George Yotov

I would prefer prepaid too.

6 04 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Julian offered me a deal that might help, so we’ll see how that goes.
Thanks Julian for your time, I appreciate it.

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