Woods Way

3 04 2010

This is a dream I had last night.

There were a line of people who were between two freight trains, stopped at a station, their carriages covered by what could have been tarp. and I was in the middle of the line of people. The people were pushing forward, but I noticed that as we walked, the trains converged until the people at the front of the line became stuck and squashed.

Obviously this was no good at all.

The trains seemed to be made of a soft rubber, like those stress balls which squash up easily. and their covers were of some soft material. To paraphrase Yazz and the Plastic Population, “The only way is up” and so, I gripped the material and pulled myself up to the top of the carriage.

There were a handful of others up there, and there was this massive tree, with thick, sparse branches, but no leaves.
The tree reached all the way up to the sky and people were climbing up, but every one of us was having trouble, including myself, as there was nowhere to get a good foothold, or handhold either.

Once we relaxed and thought about it, we found that there was a village under the tree, which was pretty big, the trains had somehow vanished.

We entered the town, and I met a man who was some big Hollywood type, extremely friendly, and trying to compare him with someone, I’d say Chris in the Morning, from Northern Exposure (The Priest/DJ). He had the same soft voice.

He had a set he’d built which looked like an underground hangout for a gang of teenage boys, there was graffiti on the walls, and places where water dripped… the dripping water had some sort of meaning, but I forget what, it was something bad.

We chatted for ages, He, Myself and some other fellow, who seemed around eighteen… I felt about the same age too.
I remember Simon Townsend coming up in the conversation, and this guy said that he knew Simon well, and said that He’s really nice, He lives in Nebraska now… And he handed us a couple of cards with Simons contact details on them, He suggested that we write to Simon if we wanted to.

The village under the tree was rather ramshackal, it sort of looked like very uneven homes that were stuck in a huge woodpile, but it was very clean, deliberate.

We began to discover that although there was nobody there, that the homes and buildings were loaded with goods, and practically every item that you could imagine.

The room I was in was like something from Harry Potter, items stacked in wooden cabinets, jewlery, knick-knacks, strings, ropes, buttons, clothing, keys, toys… I cannot really remember individual items, but what I saw was this huge pile of good looking items (not junk) draped all over these sort of open wooden drawers.

Others had found places which had food, and there was a gym with ropes from the floor to the ceiling.

Then I found my Dog, Benny, The Malamute I had before Katie, and as we stood under the huge tree, we realised that not only did we have to climb the tree to get out of there, that we also had to somehow bring Benny with us.

But the village was full of everything we needed, we just had to spend the time, reading, thinking, trying things out, inventing.

In the end, it would be what we learnt on the ground which would take us to the portal, which we saw right at the top of one of the trees branches.


(Would this make a good tv series or what?)




One response

3 04 2010

I like this dream. I think the fact that you need to stay where you are in the village is very telling.

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