29 03 2010

Before you tune out, I’m not going to go on about this one application, just using it for a brief example. You may have heard of farmville on facebook. the thing that makes it popular is the points system, apparently, so I’ve heard, I don’t play it. there’s a video out about why people like getting points, and perhaps if you’re not getting what I’m trying to get across, you should watch this first… well if I could find it. oh well.

Well ok, basically it’s about peoples obsession with points, you brush your teeth, you get points, you go to the park, more points, eat certain brands of food, more points… and these points add up and could be used to earn goods later, such as movie tickets or something.

Right, we could use this for energy.

Say we have a program (iphone app?) where each day you attempt to use less energy than the day before, and if you do, you get points.

You log into the app, and it connects to your electricity/gas meter (yes it would need some sort of internet connection). or your electricity company… and find out how much has been used.

Less electricity, more points.





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