Built to be broken

21 03 2010

Call me a cynic, but I tend to feel that a lot of our gagetry is built to be lost and stolen.

Take the macbook for instance, sure it looks nice, but it’s verging on being as slippery as wet soap. Whenever I carry mine around, I’m always worried that I’ll slip and drop the thing, so I carry it with the reverance usually reserved for Mums crystal vases and other irreplaceable, delicate items.

I bought a colcasac for the Mac, constructed of Hessian and lined with fleece, If the Mac could be cold and feel it, it should be as warm as toes in ugh boots in this thing. The Mac usually is cold, I would suggest putting it on a stable table first thing in the morning and not on your bare legs. I’ve done that several times, they’re colder than a stare from Julie Bishop.

The iphone is quite a worry, that screen, so open and so bare to the world, something has surely got to happen to it.
At least my Palm T|X came with a kind of flap which went over it’s screen, a bit flimsy perhaps, and yet it’s done it’s job very well.

As suggested by a friend, Cait of “Aussie Geek Podcast“, I bought a Speck clamshell case for the iPhone, and despite a few poor reviews at the appstore… there was a bit of wining about how it’s too tight and that some buttons wouldn’t work with the candyshell on (they do), I can tell you that I’m more than satisfied, it does the job very well indeed.

A screen protector is a must too, I bought the Crystal Film version by Power Support no problem there either, it’s nice and clear, was easy to apply and does just what I wanted it to do.

Now there’s very little of my iphone which is uncovered, and I’m happy about that.

A friend of mine, Rubio, Bought me a selection of handmade bags from Mexico, and I have been using one to slip my iphone into, but I might just invest in another colcasac as I really liked the one for my mac. There’s nothing wrong with the bag though and I might just stick with that… feeling a bit 50-50 either way, I think the colcasac needs a flap on it so that the iphone won’t fall out, like the macbook version has.

Now, I need to add more to this post, but right now I’m feeling a bit peckish after that long walk we had… stay tuned!




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