Death of an Avatar.

17 03 2010

I’ve considered what happens to an avatar after a user dies.

I’ve been using Secondlife for quite a while and have thought that it would be strange if once in a while, the dead persons avatar was seen building in the sand box, or flying, or teleporting, or stuff was found which had been ceated by the dead persons avatar… but nobody could get all that close to him or her.

And to get really spooky, Linden Lab (Secondlife) had no trace of that person logging in or the space being occupied and things created by the avatar could not be found in the system even though everyone could see it.

I suppose the same could apply to twitter or facebook, where once in a while, a message would appear.

Yes this might sound a bit too weird, but I have met many people who have told me on the quiet of having seen a ghost, and when those people tend to be sober individuals who lean more towards science than religion, you have to wonder.





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