Colour by Numbers

13 03 2010

This is how my brain works while walking Katie, sometimes it comes up with the oddest things.

Colours which are also things.

Whites – People of pale skin tone.
Blues – A style of music.
Greens – Political party concerned with the environment.
Oranges – Sweet citrus fruit.
Pinks – Type of flower
Violets – Another type of flower
Reds – Nothing came to mind, any thoughts?
Yellows – um?
Blacks – People of dark skin tone
Browns – Nothing here either.
Purples – Nothing, but might be a band 🙂
Greys – Alien beings

Any others?





2 responses

27 03 2010

Hmm – that’s easy.

The Reds are Adelaide United Football Club, and once upon a time was a collective term for Communists wasn’t it?

27 03 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Oh of course, how could I forget Reds under the bed.

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