“I’m not using that!”

12 03 2010

I’m going to make a very quick point regarding some of our social networking and the sneering… again.

I’ve seen people make comments about how people use twitter, how everyone on twitter is a moron who tweets every boring aspect of their life… you may have seen the twitterverse video, It turned me right off the idea of getting a twitter account until another friend suggested that I really should try it out.

My mind tends to close down on certain ideas once I’ve decided they’re crap, only to reconsider further down the line (and often this costs me a fair bit of money), Anyway I realised that even if I sign up and something turns out to be bad, then what have I lost? A signup is free, if it’s crap then so what? at least I’ve seen it for myself rather than have others decide for me, and for me to act like a sheep.

So I got a twitter account and my experience with twitter proved to me that this is a highly useful new technology which I use everyday.

If you’ve not seen it by now, what I’m saying is that when a lot of people see something happening, they judge the idea on what others are doing with it, for instance: “I’ll never use Secondlife, They’re all pimps and prostitutes there” Rather than on what I could be doing with the technology myself. “If I go on twitter, maybe I can find people who can help me with my plan to sail around the world”.

I’ve also met people who despite having access to something which could help them make contact with people, or make their life easier, or just to have a bit of fun… put up a wall. “I will never, ever, use that, EVER!” and I find that attutude quite strange.

You could find the very person who really could make your life better, and I have met many great people online who I just can’t imagine being without anymore, and for this, I’m very grateful.

Mind you, people have always been bitching and whining about computers and the people who make them, I bet Ada Lovelace was told that she’d do better knitting a nice shawl, and Alan Turing Should stop being a poof and do something manly for a change.

We wouldn’t have got so far without people like that, despite the name calling, and we would have been more advanced now if many others hadn’t given up because they were told “that’s a stupid idea”.

So give it a go or I’ll give you a bloody good clip around the ear.


* Note: I use Twitter with Tweetdeck, a third party program which makes tweeting a lot easier and a lot more fun, now there are other programs out there by other people which do the same thing, it’s up to you to find the one that makes you happy.



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