8 03 2010

I have a theory about KFC.

The chicken doesn’t matter, I never cared much for the chicken anyway, it’s all about that outer coating, that’s why people buy it.

Let us be honest, the chicken is mostly bones anyway, you could coat an old boot with the secret herbs and spices and people would still buy it. The chicken is like a woman in a porno, just kind of annoying and getting in the way.

While eating it, I attack the outer crust with relish and then eat the chicken, the boring bit which is as bland as a rice cracker, but I eat it, because I payed for it, and I make a nice stack of bones which is offered to my cat when I’m finished.

Of course I have to pull some meaty, non-boney bits off for Katie, I know it’s not good for her, but it’s not that good for me either. I think that since we’re both alive, we may as well eat the occasional sinful delight.

Anyway, I think they should just make the batter, and freeze it so that we can bring it home and heat it all up and chew up all that fatty goodness and not have to worry about chickens and bones.





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