The truth is right here

7 03 2010

Right now there’s a lot of talk about contrails which are chemicals sprayed by aircraft, even passenger jets, as they fly overhead.

I’ve decided that it’s time to confess everything I know about them, and why it’s happening.

Now I may be a bit vague in parts because I’m remembering bits from my childhood, but I’ll do my best.

In the early 70’s my Dad would pick up and deliver chemicals in large metal drums from a warehouse in East Melbourne, He’d do this about once a week, and I’d go with him.

When we’d arrive, “Simon” would greet us and smile, and give me a packet of chips to munch on while the drums were forklifted onto the back of the truck, I remember they were very heavy, but the truck was a big one and had no trouble with the load.

They had big paper lables on the side with a warning, there was a big K in a box above another word “Rapp”.

Dad would then drive out to the Airports and deliver the drums, and then take them to the planes which would be filled with K-Rapp, for a long time I thought that’s what planes ran on, I didn’t know much about the way things worked back then. but one day, years later, I realised that it wasn’t fuel, and asked Dad who told me that “Its spray to keep the mozzies down”, and I accepted this although there were still heaps of mozzies anyway.

I suppose I was getting older and was becoming more aware of things, I’d gone to the toilet when I was at the warehouse, Dad and Simon or the forklift driver had not seen me. While I was in there, I heard Simon talk to a new guy. and he explained everything.

Apparently the hippies were allowed to believe that the chemicals are sprayed to keep people stupid, but that’s not the case, the reason is that there’s a particular colour, called Gavin, that nobody seems to know about, and the government want it kept that way.

Simon told the new fella that the aliens paint their ships Gavin, and if people can’t see the colour, then they cant see the ships either, which is pretty clever.

The new guy asked why they just didn’t put stuff in the water, and Simon told him that they used to, except some people never drank water, they’d drink other stuff, and so they would be the ones who tended to see a lot of ufos, so now they just spray a lot of k-rapp all over the skies, cause we all have to breathe, right?

Simon added that there’s an antidote, but fortunately it’s only in laxatives, so to get the right dose, you’d shit yourself to death, but the chemical was harmless and he’d met a few aliens before and they were “boring wankers”, so he didn’t care if he didn’t see any more of them.

The new guy asked why the government wanted the aliens to remain a secret, and Simon told him that people would want to set up trade with the aliens and it would fuck up the economy, it was all about money, nothing else.

He also said that the Americans weren’t involved, the Aussies thought about it and decided to start the water doping and spraying K-Rapp everywhere.

After that I sneaked back to the truck, and I don’t think I was seen, but Dad was laid off about a month later anyway.





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