Registered items

7 03 2010

Many of us have had electronic items stolen, and when they are stolen, not much can be done.

A few years back, I accidentally left a phone on the floor of a car, and by the time we got back, the car had been broken into
and the phone had been stolen. I didn’t get the phone back, but felt that more could have been done.

Phone companies will tell you about their IMEI plan whereby if your phone is stolen, you can have it blocked to all carriers so that it’s unuseable, it’s a joke, it doesn’t work, they may as well tell you that they’re praying for you, which would be as effective.

What I feel needs to be done is that the government should set up a webpage where all electronic devices would be registered to you.

And you might say, fine, but how would that help?

An Authorised Service Dealer would by law, have to check the registered item to see if it belongs to you before it can go ahead with the service.

The Page would allow you the option of transferring the item to another person, or flagging the item as “missing or stolen” or “Discarded”.

If someone brings in an item flagged as “Missing or stolen” then the registered owner is contacted and asked if they want the item returned or handed back to the party who bought in the damaged goods. If the registed owner wants the item back, it is returned to them and they may decide if they want the item fixed at a later date, while the party who bought the item in for repair has their details (and store video) handed to police, who may charge them with possession of stolen goods.

Re-sellers such as Ebay would also require serial number proof, however, one flaw here is that theives may get hold of discarded legal serials and use those to mis-identify items they’re selling on Ebay, and customers would need to check the serial number when the item shows up and report it to Ebay… afterall, if the item should falter and need to be serviced, the customer may have their item (which they payed for) returned to it’s rightful owner. So it’d be worth doing the checking.

I really think this could work, and may make thieves think “what’s the point?”





4 responses

7 03 2010

The other thought is, with all this tech why can’t stolen phones be traced by triangulation??!!

7 03 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Yes, that’s true.

There’s an iphone app which, once the iphone is plugged into someones USB port, it will e-mail a copy of the persons position via it’s built in gps…. but it’s flawed as it relies on curious fingers activating the app first, and that’s a million to one shot. I did get it, as it’s free, but it’s probably useless.

7 03 2010

So just having a ph on doesn’t allow triangulation??!!

Is a mobile ph n00b as I don’t possess one – so assuming

7 03 2010
Wolfie Rankin

Should work Gael, I think I’ve seen experiments with that too.

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