The trouble with iTunes

2 03 2010

I recently bought an iPhone, and have had the unfortunate need and displeasure to use the insufferable program known as iTunes.
Now some have told me that they love it, but I’d like show you why it sucks, and what it needs to make it a much better user experience.

Firstly, when it starts, I simply don’t need to know what’s on sale, I just want to sync my iphone. I have a slow-ish connection, being in Australia where internet speed is just slightly faster than what it is in Hungary, so load the damn program up, do the sync and be done with it. If I want to go shopping, I’ll do it later, but right now I have better things to do than look at the next rap star idiot who appeals to me about as much as sniffing a cats bottom.

While syncing, nothing goes “Oh, I see that file is already there, so I’ll leave that be”, why not? It gets copied again and it simply doesn’t need to, Stop farting around and get on with it.

After loading up iTunes, my instinct told me to grab a file that I wished to add, and drop it where I needed it… but No, iTunes wouldn’t allow it, that would be far too easy. I had to make a special folder on my computer, then stuff that with the files I wanted on my phone, and then use iTunes to sort of juggle them over, It shouldn’t be this way, but it is.

Today I tried to get this movie file over and it sort of got stuck between iTunes and the iPhone, so iTunes says “This Movie cannot be copied to the iPhone, because it cannot be found” um, What? it’s in the bloody folder, It couldn’t be much more obvious than a mandrills arse at the zoo. … Wait, what’s this? iTunes has it listed under “Movies”?

It’s not on the phone but it’s in, itunes, but it’s not really, it’s iDon’tknowwherethefuckiAm and iDon’tknowhowtogetout.
The file is basically dead, So the natural thing to do is highlight the icon and press delete… except I wasn’t allowed, so now I have this phantom file there which won’t go away.

Putting peoples names and addresses into the iPhone isn’t hard, but when you’re at home, you shouldn’t need to dick around with a tiny weeny keyboard when you have a full keyboard on your desk. I have a Palm T|X and it comes with it’s own desktop app for both PC and Mac… and it’s brilliant. Just tap on contacts, and you can put all your names and addresses in at a very rapid speed. On the iphone I find that hitting the M key, often means hitting the del key, which is a bit annoying. anyway, on Palm Desktop, once done, I hit Sync and all files, notes, photos, goes from PC or Mac to my Palm, and this is over wi-fi too, which you can’t do on iPhone.

Which brings up another problem, Most of us have more than one computer, the second is probably the laptop that we carry around with us. The other day, I realised that I cannot sync my iPhone with two computers, Apple must think this is too difficult, I can’t see why, I did it all the time with my Palm.

Although Apple products claim to be very simple to use, iTunes is just a gigantic pain in the arse and needs a huge overhaul to just make it work.


* BTW, iPhones etc really need a slot for SD cards.




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