Wolfie’s Bad Hair Day

28 02 2010

I’m getting old. I know this because I complained about a hair style last week, where once I enjoyed playful, creative activity involving follicular production.

I have lived through all kinds of hairy eras, Hippies, Punks, Skins, New Romantic etc, and never turned… oh sorry. But I hate *Hate* with a Capital H, That new Emo-ish hairstyle that’s all the rage now. It reminds me of Professor Snape from the Harry Potter books, it says “Oh look at how sad I am, and my sad, sad hair”.

That hideous, oily fringe that hangs over one eye as though someone pranked the wearer with a bucket of KY Jelly over a door.

Still, it must be easy to manage, which has often been the problem with some of the fancier styles, It must have been very difficult to go to bed with super-glued punk spikes. *sigh* I wanted these as a teenager but mum wouldn’t let me and I ddn’t have the resources to try it. There were threats about such things… oh how I wanted to dye my hair in rainbow colours, not so much to shock, but just to see how it would look, plain old curiosity.

I think we’ve seen some glaring fashion errors during the noughties, Like bare midriffs, which never looked sexy to me, it made me feel cold. I had an urge to offer these poor women a nice warm blanket.

Don’t worry, it will be safe to laugh at this decade and it’s predecessor in twenty years, although I’m having a good chuckle now.





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