Gay eye for the Geek Guy.

25 02 2010

You’ve just bought a new home, it’s perfect and apparently empty, and you begin moving your stuff inside. after a while you begin to unpack and sort things out, when much to your surprise, this stereotypical gay bloke leaps from the built in wardrobe and frowns… then tut-tuts and tells you that it’s all wrong wrong wrong, it’s the wrong colour, the wrong size, too old, too new, not in style anymore, clashes with the drapes… so on and so forth.

Some computer programs are like this, and I’ve experienced it in both windows and macs… and it’s worse in the latter. Programs which are overly-helpful, drive me nuts.

Windows gives us a folder, My documents, where we can put all our pictures and other items. now I don’t know about you but the only time it is ever used is when some program defaults to that location. and I don’t use it because the C drive is the most active drive and more likely to fail… eating all my digital photos and other work.

Admittedly, there are very few programs that windows uses which want to dive in and swap my things around, so I can forget the pre-concieved idea of where files ought to go “according to Microsoft” and put things where I’d prefer them to be.

All my photos and things are kept on an extra drive, or an external one. and I map it out exactly as I want, with folders for music, videos, photos and more… and each of those have sub-folders too.

I have heard that Apple wants to get away from this idea, if that’s true, it’s not a very good one, as we all create places in our homes to put things. and most people don’t have the same system. you may have a sock drawer while your neighbour keeps his stuffed in some kind of string bag near his wardrobe. to have a home where somehow, magically, things were all sucked up and put somewhere that was difficult to find later would be really annoying. I don’t want my computer files put where the software (Apple or Microsoft) thinks they should go.

I have a problem with the iPhone interface (iTunes) it’s a disaster, Apple wants to have this friendly, easy to use image, and itunes just blows it. what I need is a file directory, I need to see all the files, including our photos, and have some way of sliding a photo, text file, mp3, movie, from my hard drive, to the iphone, and back, without syncing. I need a way to connect to a secondary computer and sync there too, without the computer telling me that if I sync with this computer, I will lose all my stuff from my iphone, how irritating is that?

I used iphoto a few days ago, and found that it had some stupid idea called events, this weird idea cuts my photo “reel” into annoying little chunks. when all I want to do is access my photos, I did a search today and found that the feature (mistake) can be switched off totally. “Events is bad because” it just gets in the way, like the gay guy I mentioned earlier, it’s not the least bit helpful, or wanted.

My photos go into a neat little folder where I know where everything is, iphoto should just shut the hell up with it’s tinkering and just show me my photos from the folders that I make… without even daring to suggest that they ought to be elsewhere.

I get really paranoid about my photos, they’re important records of my life and I want to keep them as they are.
Yesterday I wanted to upload some of my iPhone photos to Flickr, and was annoyed that iPhone wanted to change the photos size first, before uploading, WHY??? No No No… You DON’T ALTER *** MY*** PHOTOS, EVER!

Heck, I don’t even want facial recognition, what’s the point? I have all my stuff labeled thankyou, just view the damn things for me… don’t try to run the show, I don’t need it.

I have hit a few brick walls while using my iPhone and Macbook, As much as Apple would have you believe they thought of everything, there are big holes where they needed to be a lot more helpful, and too many places where Frank leaps out with another set of drapes.




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